Lon Childress opened the meeting. Harold Price read an opener that had been sent to him from Bob Helmstadter. The count down was down this morning with only 19 present. Must have been because it was raining again.

Rachel Childress announced the birthdays kids for the week; Bob Brown, Lynette Pickup, Punk Kockensparger, Ralph Ousley, Hattie Pierce, Nancy Mellinger and Wayne Voight.

Anniversary wishes go to Don and Mary Little, Ed & Annette Layher and Don and Carol Phelps.

Sunshine report: Linda read cards from Chuck and Carol Danzer, Lynne Brewer and an email from John and Brenda Tromp. Claude Belton is out walking and Lee Baldwin is doing better. Patti Gillie was at coffee and feeling much better. Gerald Steele will be having tests and a heart-Cath sometime this week. Keep everyone in your prayers. Bob Hazelett is doing much better as Kat and him were at coffee.

Manager report was given by Lon. The pool chairs have been exchanged. He cleaned the filters in the club house and have stored them in the laundry room and purchased new ones.

Fish Fry is tomorrow at 5:00pm. Bert and Ralph have brought a lot of fish for us so come hungry. Please bring your own table setting and drink as well as a covered dish.

Dinner out this week will be Thursday at Bo David’s at 5:00 pm, Lon will call in the reservations.

Bingo tonight and games as usual. The corn hole has really taken off. People play after bingo, as well as Tues and Friday nights and a lot of times in between.

Don’t forget that this winter we will be having portraits done for our new 2020 directory. More information as it gets closer. The way time is flying it is right around the corner.

The rain keeps coming and the grass keeps growing faster than mowers can keep up.

Thanks to Joe and Helen Cole for the donuts this morning.