Managers Update 6-11-2020

All notices to the community will be posted through Association News. I encourage all residents to join the new site. This is where residents will get any emergency notices as well as any news about the park. Board meeting minutes and financials will be available to shareholders. This is also a social site for all residents, and it is PRIVATE. Only residents that are logged in will have access. Take a look at the site NOW! Click the link in blue

All residents that had an email address listed with the office should have received a welcome letter, if you did not, contact the office. This letter contains the information need to login. Any questions, please call the office.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the site!

Managers Update 10-8-2019

I was shocked to read the newsletter this week. The paragraph about the pool is not only wrong but misleading.

The high-water level was caused by either the pool cleaner leaving a valve closed or by a resident (unauthorized) that was messing around in the equipment enclosure and accidently caused its closing.

The pool equipment functioned and continues to function as it was designed to. There was no problem with the equipment, the problem was a person. Access to the pool equipment is for authorized persons only, that is why only they have a key.

I know a resident was in there because one of the water timers was turned off. Which has been corrected so the plants will still get water. Residents, please contact the “office” with your questions or concerns.

In regards to the pool being “overfilled” I and the pool company decided to leave it that way because of lack of rain and evaporation.

Replacement of the solar blanket was being handled before this newsletter and does not require board approval.

 I hope, future newsletters provide correct and accurate information and not written on hearsay or assumptions.

It was also brought to my attention that a few residents have tried to contact me and did not get a reply. The reason as I found out is that they were using my personal phone number. I do not answer calls that are not in my contacts.

Please use the office number, 863-382-0347, that number is forwarded to the office cell phone that I keep with me. If I do not answer you have the opportunity to leave a message and I will get back to you.

Communication with management will avoid misinformation.

Managers Update 7-26-2019

The “ditch” was sprayed and the weeds should be dead within 3 weeks. Then we will get them cleaned out. We are planning on doing a maintenance program to keep them under control.

The Club House bathrooms will soon have new toilet tissue dispensers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispenser. These should all be installed by Friday, 8-2-2019 providing everything arrives on time. A big thank you to Lon for all his help with this project!

There is a new ring buoy at the pool.

We are getting estimates on repair of the electrical pedestals throughout the park. We feel that with the repair parts getting harder to come by, we believe that this is a more economical approach rather than having to replace them at many times the cost of repair.

The palm trees have been trimmed and the plants along Louis St have been trimmed and I think they look really good.

I learned from the owner of Steve’s Tree Service several things that are problems with the plants. He told me that there were too many, to close together and some are the wrong type of plants for what we wanted to accomplish. Also the rubber mulch is not good for some of the plants that are in, because the rubber mulch holds much more heat than regular mulch, and those plants can’t take the additional heat. There should have been barriers on both sides of the plants to contain the mulch because rubber mulch will float much quicker (with our heavy rains) than regular causing it to be displaced all over. There were some other things to. We will have to take a close look at how to move forward with managing that line of plants. This was a real education for me, I did not know planting was so complicated.

Managers Update June 27, 2019

The lift stations have been cleaned! There was a problem at the station
at Roger & Rodney Streets. The float switch was stuck in the on position due
to grease build up. Luckily there was no damage to either pump.
We will schedule clean-outs on a regular basis going forward.

On Tuesday July 2 @ 9:00 am the clubhouse bathroom partitions will be removed. The bathrooms will be out of service at this time. Lon Childress and Jonnie Baldwin have volunteered to help with this project. After the partitions the plumbing will be scheduled. I will update you on those dates because the bathrooms will be out-of-service for that work to be completed.

Manager’s Update

A few thank you’s first!

I would like to thank Freda Munds for notifing me of the problem in the ladies bathroom. That has been repaired and now usable. I will look further into the damage to the walls.

I would also like to thank Ken and Ralph for repairing the generator and and volunteering to periodically run it, so it is ready, should we need it this season and for their continued work on the yard posts.

Thanks to Carol Danzer for doing some weeding of the plants out front while she is here.

The gas tank for the generator has been install as well as the generator set in place with some of the electrical work completed. We have to wait for Duke energy to redo the connection before the contractor can finish the electrical. Ridge propane should run their gas connection this week.

We will be having Elite plumbing coming to clean out the 2 lift stations. Not scheduled as of today.

We will start on the club house bathroom renovation soon. The progress of the work will be:

  1. Remove partitions in both bathrooms. Volunteers needed, anyone interested please contact me. Thanks
  2. Plumber will do his work. Replace 2 toilets, 2 sinks, new faucets and handrails onside of toilet and in back of eash toilet. The toilet, sink,faucets and handrails will meet ADA Compliance.
  3. Bob Helmstadter has graciously volunteered to finish off the bathrooms when he returns in September. This will include: 2-3ft doors, hanging mirrors, painting and maybe a few other items. Volunteers to help him would also be welcomed.
    Starting date will be announced shortly.

Tree trimming will be the week of July 15th, same tree service as last year.

There is a new combination lock on the pool gate. Please contact me if you need the combination..

There is a lady from the Caladium Arts and Crafts Co-op in Lake Placid that is willing to teach arcylic painting at our club house. There is a minimun of 5 people needed to conduct the class.

She will supply all material for $20.00 per person. The class runs 2-3 hours and all you need to bring is a photo of what you want to paint. She is very talented and has won numerous awards. This can be done year round so long as there are a minimum of 5 people. Please contact me if interested in pursuing this.

Welcome to Manager Updates!

Management will be posting updates/progress on projects happening in the park along with any other information that needs to be shared. There will not be any specific posting schedule but all posts will remain in tact so that no-one misses any of them. You will be able to check them at any time. Manager updates will appear in the Communications menu as well as a link to the section on the newsletter.

Thank you