Good Morning. Lon Childress opened the meeting with 21 present. Harold Price gave an opener.

Rachel Childress gave the birthday and anniversary wishes. 5 birthdays wishes to Bob Burke, JoAnne Schultz, Judy Fraser, Rod Potter, and Ken Gillie. 2 anniversary wishes to Dick and Pat Thelen and Phil and Carolyn Manning.

Sunshine report. Jim Munds to have cataract surgery this week. Ralph Centers is still having back surgery the end of this month. Betty Lawson is in remission and doing good. Please keep all of the following in your thoughts and prayers as each one has something going on to get them down. Max Fahl, Claude Belton, Ralph Ousley, Harold Price, Bob Burke, Gerald Steele, Betty Pheiffer, Joe Cole and Lee Baldwin, Jerry Epson and any one else in the park feeling under the weather. We did notice that it is mostly the men on this list having troubles. It was stated that the women better stay healthy or are they the cause of the problems in the first place Hopefully all the northern men are staying healthy.

Managers Report: Lon thanked Jim Munds and Ike West for trimming the palms in front of the club house. It made a world of difference in the looks of the grounds.

We received a thank you card for the Sebring Safe House for the donations.

This week will be a luncheon out on Thursday August 15 at 12:30 at the Main Street America in Lake Placid.

Bingo and games this week as usual.

Can you believe it Labor Day is only 3 weeks away! We voted on what we wanted to do for this day and we all decided to have a pre pay $5 chicken dinner with salads and desserts. Sign up sheet will be posted. Bring your own place setting and drink.

No morning coffee on Labor Day. Meeting will be held after the dinner.

Thank you to Pat Pierson for home made coffee cake and donuts.

Help Wanted: Only the elders can apply. $0.00 per hour. Kindergarten education needed. Short hours. Computer a plus. Job description is vague. Mostly just writing up the Monday morning coffee hour newsletter. Starting November 4. 2019. Please contact retiring writer Linda.