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Manager Updates 7-26-2019

September 16, 2019

Lon Childress opened the meeting with Harold Price giving the morning funny opener. The count today was 28.

Rachel Childress gave the list of six birthday kids and one anniversary. Carol Parker, Mary MacArthur, Peggy Little, Stephen Feltenberger, Lisa Bain and Al Stewart, Claude and Mary Funk.

Sunshine report: A card was signed for Sonny Emmons who fell this last week and sprained his shoulder and had other bumps and bruises. Judy Fahl had her carpel tunnel surgery she will have a to wear a brace on it for awhile. Gerald Steele has his heart cath this week. Sue Drudge is starting her knee PT and is doing much better.

Welcome back Wayne and Joan Voight from their summer up north. Joan says since she is back, the aerobics at the pool will be back on M,W,F at 10:00 am.

Chicken Dinner is today at 4:00 pm. Please bring your table setting and something to drink.

September 25th at 10:00 there will be a cleaning party at the club house. There will be pizza lunch served to all the workers. Please come and help and enjoy the company of each other.

The winter schedule is already starting in October as the Blue Grass Jams will start October 9, at 1:00 pm.

Bingo will be tonight at 7:00 pm. Corn hole to follow for all those interested. The games are still on Tuesday and Friday nights at 7:00 pm.

Thank you to Rachel for setting up the coffee and donuts that were furnished by John and Lynette Pickup who will be returning to the park in a couple of weeks.

The summer has really sped by way to quickly. The summer group of residents have really enjoyed their time together and are looking forward to the park starting to fill up with lots of people.

Martha Watson has scheduled a 7 day cruise for anyone in the park who would like to attend. It is on the Oasis of the Seas leaving out of Miami on January 26th, 2020. The Cruise will be going to Labadee, Haiti; Falmouth, Jamaica; and Cozumel, Mexico. The trip is scheduled through with Bea. Please call Bea at 954-266-6601 ext. 6076 and she will assist you with room selections. Please mention my name, Martha Watson when you call Bea. If you have any questions you may call me at 765-437-1186.


Lon Childress opened the meeting with Harold Price giving the opener.  The count was 22 this morning.

Rachel gave the birthday wishes to Gerald Steele and Dolores Kelly this week, with the anniversary wish to Doug and Pam Myers.

Sunshine report:  Betty Pheiffer is home and feeling much better.  Ralph Centers back surgery was a complete success. The park heard of the loss of Gail McLennan in June. Our condolences go to Gerry.

Lon thanked everyone that helped with the park, putting awnings down and picking up small yard ornaments the week that Dorian was suppose to come our way.  So glad that the storm didn’t come our way and so very sorry for the total destruction it caused the Bahamas.

It has been brought to every ones attention that our mail boxes are being watched and robbed of the out going and incoming mail.  Please try to keep an eye out for any one in the neighborhood that looks like they don’t belong here. Call the police if you suspect any thing.

Chicken dinner that was scheduled for Labor Day will be next Monday 09/16 at 4:00pm .  Refunds will be given to those who had paid and now can not make this date.

Dinner out this week will be at the new Mexican restaurant Azul Tequila Thursday 09/12/19 at 5:00 pm.

Wednesday September 25, 2019 at 10:00 am there will be a community cleaning of the clubhouse. Lon said there will be a treat. You have to show up to see what it is all about, be sure to bring your cleaning rags.

Patty Gillie mentioned that there has been a guy in the park trying to sell meat out of his truck please tell him to leave the park as there no soliciting in the park and there are signs that say this.

Bingo tonight and games as usual.

Big THANK YOU to Rachel Childress for the wonderful egg casseroles this morning, and to Lon who helped carry them or so it was said. LOL!


Happy Labor Day everyone.  The streets of Hammock Estate looks like a ghost town.  Thank you to everyone that helped with getting the awnings down on homes.  Thanks for picking up loose items through out the park.

Our Labor Day Chicken Dinner had been postponed last week in lieu of the up coming Hurricane.

Today Lon Childress opened the meeting with Harold Price giving an opener and the count was 24. We decided on Saturday night to have coffee and donuts because Dorian still has not made its path known for today.

Rachel Childress gave the birthday list and boy there are a lot of birthdays this week: Sonny Emmons, Max Fahl, John Pickup, Nadene French, Don Guy, Jenny Ousley, Donna George, Chuck Danzer, NancyBailey-Pratt and Connie Brunner. There were no anniversaries.

Sunshine Report:  Cards were sent around to be signed for Sue Drudge, as she was in hospital in Indiana, and Betty Pheiffer who is in hospital here in Sebring. Ralph Centers back surgery was successful and he is back working hard. Don Madden called and said Denise Smith is doing good and plans to be here in November and return to Michigan in Feb for further treatments.  Chuck Danzer it still having to have back surgery, says his knee is doing ok. Ralph Ousley reported that he is now half way through his treatments and October 31 will be his last one.  He thanked everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Linda read a card from Joyce Chapman.  She is doing very well with her foot now and hopes to be here in October. Lyla and Jack Fitzgerald have returned to the park. They enjoyed their summer up north. This may be the last update if we lose electricity this week.  We do not know at this point how we will be effected. Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to Lon and Rachel for the donuts and coffee.
Harold gave a closer.


August 29, 2019 11:30am
Special meeting was called by Park Manager Dave Zeller.
Topic: Hurricane Dorian
There are at least 50 people living in this park that will need to prepare for the upcoming storm. Dave sent a info sheet around that had people sign and explain what they will do in case the storm hits us with phone numbers and emergency contacts. Please prepare your property, awnings down, and loose objects put inside. Clear your car ports. Swimming pool will be shut down and may not open until pool has been treated.
2 Block Captains are needed for each street. Please sign up if you can do this. Duties will be to access any damage, inform people on your street of any updated information. Dave will update the web site when internet is available with information. Have plenty of cash on hand. ATM’s will be down, stores will not have electricity to run credit cards. Make sure you have all your medicines fill and with you. Take all important personal papers with you. Volunteers are needed to help put down awnings. There are 5 shut ins within the park they will need help getting to motels or shelters. Please remember to clean out your fridge and freezer.
Stay safe and keep us all informed of your where abouts.
If you have questions or problems and need help please contact Park Manager Dave Zeller at 863-382-0347.

The Labor day chicken dinner has been postponed. We will have this after the storm and everyone is back in the park.


Lon Childress opened the meeting. No one had an opener so straight to the count down with 24 present.

Rachel Childress gave the birthdays, Ike West and Teresa Desautels will celebrate this week. Anniversary wishes go to Johnnie and Lee Baldwin.

Sunshine Report: A card was sent around to be signed for Chuck Danzer. He is having back problems that have stopped him from having his other knee done. He will be having back surgery first. Mary Funk had injections in her knees and it seems to have helped. Brenda Hollingsworth had some eye surgery last week. Ron Pierce had a spot removed from his back and is doing fine. Ralph Centers will have his back surgery this Wednesday. Jim Munds is seeing blue skies and awaiting his second cataract removal. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

Managers Report: Lon said that bids are being received for the landscaping.

Mariam introduced visitors at the Steele house they are two lovely ladies from Brazil.

Bingo tonight and games as usual.

Dinner out this week will be Thursday 4:30 at Jackson on the Lake. Lon will call for reservations.

Labor Day Dinner September 2 at 1:00 pm. Bring your table service and drink. We now have 45 signed up.

Sylvia Epson thanked the volunteers for thinning out the plants and weeds in front of the club house. The front of the club house is really starting to look much better.

Thank you to Patty and Ken Gillie for donuts and coffee this morning.

August 27th is the Hammock Estates Luncheon in Indiana. Hope everyone has a good time and hi from all us southerners.

Thought for the day:
Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in a democracy. You vote in elections
once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in. – Anonymous.


Lon Childress opened the meeting with Bud Pheiffer giving a hilarious opener. Count down was 20.

Miriam Steele played piano for the 2 birthdays, Chuck Imboden and Eileen Carey and 1 anniversary John and Lynnette Pickup. Best wishes to all.

Sunshine Report: Linda received a call from Dolores Kelly. Rod is waiting to hear from the doctors if and when heart surgery can be done. He needs to have a valve replaced. She will call back as more information is received. Please keep Rod in your prayers and thoughts. Ralph Centers has been ok’d for his back surgery to be done end of this month. Jim Munds will have cataract surgery this week.

Group will go the Olympic in Avon Park Thursday at 4:30.

Labor Day: Chicken dinner at 1:00 $5.00 pre pay. Bring your table service and drink. Chicken, mac salad, potato salad, baked beans, rolls and cake will served.

Bingo and games as usual this week.

Thank you to Harold and Linda for the donuts and coffee today.

Miriam Steele announced that they had reached their goal to purchase the Bibles. Now they have to get the Bibles from Brazil to Mozambique.

Harold Price had a closer.


Good Morning. Lon Childress opened the meeting with 21 present. Harold Price gave an opener.

Rachel Childress gave the birthday and anniversary wishes. 5 birthdays wishes to Bob Burke, JoAnne Schultz, Judy Fraser, Rod Potter, and Ken Gillie. 2 anniversary wishes to Dick and Pat Thelen and Phil and Carolyn Manning.

Sunshine report. Jim Munds to have cataract surgery this week. Ralph Centers is still having back surgery the end of this month. Betty Lawson is in remission and doing good. Please keep all of the following in your thoughts and prayers as each one has something going on to get them down. Max Fahl, Claude Belton, Ralph Ousley, Harold Price, Bob Burke, Gerald Steele, Betty Pheiffer, Joe Cole and Lee Baldwin, Jerry Epson and any one else in the park feeling under the weather. We did notice that it is mostly the men on this list having troubles. It was stated that the women better stay healthy or are they the cause of the problems in the first place Hopefully all the northern men are staying healthy.

Managers Report: Lon thanked Jim Munds and Ike West for trimming the palms in front of the club house. It made a world of difference in the looks of the grounds.

We received a thank you card for the Sebring Safe House for the donations.

This week will be a luncheon out on Thursday August 15 at 12:30 at the Main Street America in Lake Placid.

Bingo and games this week as usual.

Can you believe it Labor Day is only 3 weeks away! We voted on what we wanted to do for this day and we all decided to have a pre pay $5 chicken dinner with salads and desserts. Sign up sheet will be posted. Bring your own place setting and drink.

No morning coffee on Labor Day. Meeting will be held after the dinner.

Thank you to Pat Pierson for home made coffee cake and donuts.

Help Wanted: Only the elders can apply. $0.00 per hour. Kindergarten education needed. Short hours. Computer a plus. Job description is vague. Mostly just writing up the Monday morning coffee hour newsletter. Starting November 4. 2019. Please contact retiring writer Linda.


Lon Childress opened the meeting. Harold Price read an opener that had been sent to him from Bob Helmstadter. The count down was down this morning with only 19 present. Must have been because it was raining again.

Rachel Childress announced the birthdays kids for the week; Bob Brown, Lynette Pickup, Punk Kockensparger, Ralph Ousley, Hattie Pierce, Nancy Mellinger and Wayne Voight.

Anniversary wishes go to Don and Mary Little, Ed & Annette Layher and Don and Carol Phelps.

Sunshine report: Linda read cards from Chuck and Carol Danzer, Lynne Brewer and an email from John and Brenda Tromp. Claude Belton is out walking and Lee Baldwin is doing better. Patti Gillie was at coffee and feeling much better. Gerald Steele will be having tests and a heart-Cath sometime this week. Keep everyone in your prayers. Bob Hazelett is doing much better as Kat and him were at coffee.

Manager report was given by Lon. The pool chairs have been exchanged. He cleaned the filters in the club house and have stored them in the laundry room and purchased new ones.

Fish Fry is tomorrow at 5:00pm. Bert and Ralph have brought a lot of fish for us so come hungry. Please bring your own table setting and drink as well as a covered dish.

Dinner out this week will be Thursday at Bo David’s at 5:00 pm, Lon will call in the reservations.

Bingo tonight and games as usual. The corn hole has really taken off. People play after bingo, as well as Tues and Friday nights and a lot of times in between.

Don’t forget that this winter we will be having portraits done for our new 2020 directory. More information as it gets closer. The way time is flying it is right around the corner.

The rain keeps coming and the grass keeps growing faster than mowers can keep up.

Thanks to Joe and Helen Cole for the donuts this morning.


Lon Childress opened the meeting with Harold Price giving a humorous joke. 25 were in attendance.

Rachel Childress gave the birthday wishes to Dough Myers, Joyce Chapman, 
Rachel Childress, Ruth Helmstadter, Vern Hollingsworth and Jim Munds. Anniversary wishes to Frank and Eileen Cary and Mike and Edythe MacDonald.

Sunshine report; Claude Belton is home and doing home rehab. Received word that Phil Manning is recouping nicely from knee surgery. Chuck Danzer had his first knee surgery this week and will have the other one done in a couple of weeks. Ralph Ousley is back home from a stay in the hospital this last week. A thank you card was read from Lee Baldwin, she is slowly on the mend.

Lynette and John Pickup left Friday for up north. Pam and Doug Myers also left Saturday for home.

Dinner out this week will be Thursday at the Golden Corral be there before 3:30 pm.

Fish Fry will be August 6 at 5:00 pm at clubhouse. Ralph and Bert Centers will provide the fish and hush puppies. A sign up sheet will be on the

Visitor today was Gerald and Miriam Steele’s daughter Rachel from Fort 
Wayne, IN.

A big thank you to Sylvia and Jerry Epson for the scrambled eggs and sausage this morning.


Lon Childress opened meeting with Harold Price giving a funny opener.
There were 27 present.

Lynette Pickup gave us the birthday reminders for this week; Stan Hazen,
Sandy Sherry and Elfriede Belton. Anniversaries this week are Don and
JoAnne Madden and Punk and Cynde Kochensparger.

Sunshine Report: Contact with Connie Bruner she said Gary is doing ok and hope to be down in September. Kat Hazelett says Bob is ok but in a lot of pain. He is very stiff and has a lot of sore muscles. Dolores Kelly said Rod is doing ok they are waiting for doctors to decide what to do next. Lee Baldwin had surgery to insert a defibrillator as well as a pacemaker. Claude Belton is out of ICU and has been up standing no walking yet and being watched very closely. He will be in the hospital for 5-7 days. Patty and Ken Gillie are down with acute bronchitis. Carol Ruccio is also sick. Ralph Centers is doing well from his surgery on his lower eye lids. Chuck Danzer will have knee surgery this week. Ralph Ousley started treatments and is doing well. Lynne Brewer is doing very good since her knee surgery. It was brought to our attention that Phil Manning had another knee surgery. Brenda Hollingsworth will be having carotid artery surgery in Winter Haven not sure of the date yet. Received word that Lisa Bain lost her mother this last week. Lisa’s mother is also Jenny Ousley’s sister-in-law. Our condolences to the families. Please keep every one in your thoughts and prayers.

Linda Price thanked everyone that helped with the clean up after the chicken noodle dinner last Wednesday. We had a really good turn out. Can’t wait to see what the next dinner will be.

Welcome back Doug and Pam Myers even if you are only here for a week. Lynette and John Pickup will be leaving for up north this Friday.

Dinner out this week will be Thursday July 25 at 5:00 pm at the Watering Hole.

Managers report given by Lon. The bathrooms were gutted and Lon and Dave worked on getting the sheet rock up and painted. The new fixtures will be installed this week. The floors in the bathrooms will be painted after the doors have been redone for handicap access. The pool leak has been fixed. The trees were all trimmed this last week and Hammock Estates looks beautiful.

Bingo tonight and games as usual.

Thank you Susan Kimmel for the donuts this morning.

If you have any news to share please contact me,,