Bulletin Board/Pictures

Fish Fry

January Birthday Party

December Birthday Party

Fall Cleaning

Wednesday September 25 was our fall cleaning party. The windows were done on Tuesday inside and out by Freda and Sondra. The whole club house and laundry room was scrubbed from top to bottom. I could name everyone who helped but then I am afraid I would miss someone, so the pictures can speak for themselves. Thanks to Lon and Rachel for the pizza.

Century Plant

We have a Century Plant in the park it is on the corner of Rodney and Louis. It grew 6 inches a day.

Generator/Propane Tank

The stand alone generator has been installed along with the propane tank.

Memorial Day

Monday Afternoon Bean Soup. 25 in attendance, all had a great time.

Easter Celebration

Fish Fry

An evening out celebration.  Sue Drudge is the birthday girl.

February 14th 50th Anniversary Party

Saturday night group at the Watering Hole

Christmas Sing Along

Thanksgiving Day Potluck –  63 in attendance

New Horseshoe Pit and Fence

The Sewer is no more!


The fence around parking lot is done; Work on the sewer system is in progress; New wood fence behind Roger street has started.

Pool Paver Progress

Get together in Houghten Lake, MI


Pool is now under construction

4th of July Potluck

Washout from the rain