Hammock Estates Monday Morning Coffee Hour

May 21, 2018
Sylvia Epson opened todays coffee hour and did a fine job. Count down was 1 more than last week. The count was 21. We all sat at one table, which was nice, the microphone was used very little. Harold Price provided the Opener and the Closer today. Thank you, Harold.

There were 8 birthdays this week, yes, 8, and they are: Bill and Barbara Guy, yes on the same day, that doesn’t happen often. Next is Bob Hazelett, Phil Desautels, Mike McCarville, David Taylor, John Tromp, and finally Alan Burns. That’s a lot of candles to blow out. So, we wish you all a Happy Birthday and as the song says “And many more.”

The Anniversaries were Larry and Shelia Dalbec, Alan and Nancy Bailey Pratt, Russ and Pat Moody and finally John and Judy Weber. Hope everyone a good day and thought of us as we sang to all of you.

As for our Sunshine Report, we were glad to find out that Ralph and Burt’s daughter has improved and is talking, so they will be heading home. Doug Meyers had knee surgery today, haven’t heard how he is doing, so I am assuming that everything is fine. Rod Gillis had a heart cath, had some blockage and will be treating it with medicine. Ron Pierce has a consultation for his ear this week and Joyce Geiger is holding her own. Prayers to all for a speedy recovery.

There is going to be a dinner on Thursday at 5:00 at Cody’s right up the street. I have eaten there many times and the food is great.

There is a signup sheet for the cook out next Monday. It was decided to have the Coffee Hour some- time before or after the Picnic. So, you can sleep in next Monday morning.

Judy Fahl said flyers are up for the one day bus trips to Punta Gorda for the Christmas Lights and the St. James River Cruise. See Judy if you have any questions.

Rod and Joyce Gillis’s house sold to Dan and Mary Newman. Dan plays the banjo during our Jam Sessions. We should all make them feel welcome.

My sister Vicki and her husband Larry McClain are in the process of buying Benny and Marty’s home. That makes me one happy person. It will just be for the winter but that is okay. I am sure most of you have meet them both. Larry plays the guitar and they both sing at the Jam Sessions.

Joan Voight says there are a few of the girls that still exercise at the pool. So, if that is something that you would like to do, just head out to the pool. My scribbles are so bad that if she said the time, I did not hear it. Sorry…

I am thanking myself for the donuts and you are welcome, even if the icing on the bottom box of donuts was mostly on the lid. It is the thought that counts right? I want to say thank you to Linda Price, for making the coffee for me. I have never made coffee in the big pot, so she did me a favor.

Nancy Thompson said, if the rains stops long enough the pool man will check out the pool. It has rained a lot, but the grass and flowers love it. I am ready for it to stop, I want to spray paint some picture frames.

Has any one checked out the web site? It is changing and looks fantastic. The resales are listed and some of the activities have photos. Check it out, Linda is doing a good job of putting it together. Thank you, Linda Price.

On July 11th at 11:00 am there will be a meeting for lunch at the Golden Corral in Kokomo, IN on US 31 South. Martha Watson has arranged for anyone interested in going to the Opalescent Glass Factory at 9:00 am that morning. It is the original factory and is very interesting. The cost is $6.00 and you must wear enclosed toe ..shoes.

If anyone wants to come and stay on Tuesday night, there are 2 hotels on 31, right across the street from the Golden Corral. Comfort Inn is about $159.00 and the LaQuinta which is newly remodeled is $119.00 and has a Happy Hour in the evening. There are more hotels in Kokomo but these two are the nearest to Golden Corral.

Martha will host a cookout at her house on Tuesday night at 5:00 pm.

Please call Martha Watson at 765-437-1186 for more details and to RSVP.

She is looking forward to seeing all of you this summer.

That is all the news for this week, so I will leave you with this quote. “Sometimes I shock myself with smart stuff I say and do.

Then there are times when I try to get out of my car with the seatbelt on.

Brenda Hollingsworth verenda@gmail.com