Hammock Estates Monday Morning Coffee Hour

September 17th

The meeting was led by Sue Drudge. We had no opener (again)…There were 19 present today and most of us will be at the clubhouse later today for fish. Thanks to Ralph and Bert Centers. Then I want to thank the people from the park for all the side dishes. I am hungry and I am going this time.
The birthdays for this week are Mary McArthur, Steve Feltenberger, Lisa Bain and Al Stewart. Happy Birthday was sung with gusto with And…Many…More…added and the same was done for our one anniversary, who are Claude and Mary Funk.
Donuts were provided by the Steeles. Thank you both.
The sod is almost completed in the area where the old sewer used to be. It really looks nice.

Bud Pfeiffer reported that Betty was admitted to Florida Hospital (north hospital) yesterday with chest and neck pains. They are running tests today. I hope all is well.

Jerry Epson had a stroke and few days ago and Janet Feldt has been keeping us updated. Below is a condensed version of her emails.

Just wanted to update you on Jerry before the Monday meeting. I’ve been in close contact because my daughter, Sherry Staub, has been with Sylvia since Jerry went to the hospital. Talked with her this morning and he is much improved, more than Sherry thought would happen (she’s an RN). He was moved out of ICU yesterday and they are working on getting him into rehab. He will need 2 weeks of intensive therapy. Today they are doing a doppler of the carotid artery and he still needs an MRI before any rehab will accept him. Sylvia is trying hard to get him into Wachula because it will be closer. He knows what happened, where he is and is most unhappy – understandably so. He

and they’ve had him up walking. It tires him, but it’s progress. It’s been difficult for the hospital to find a place for the MRI because of the rods in his back, but hopefully tomorrow that will take place. Their son, Dennis, is coming as soon as Jerry gets in rehab.

That’s about all I know – it has been a shock to everyone. Sherry says Sylvia is holding up well, gets frustrated will all the red tape, etc., but we all have experienced that. I’m just so thankful that Sherry can be there for her.

Just talked to Sylvia. They have found an open MRI where they can take Jerry by ambulance tomorrow for his scan.

Hi to everyone ……….

Luv, Janet

Remember Fish Fry tonight at 5:00. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass.

Just wanted to tell you that I was visiting my sister last night and asked to borrow a newspaper.

She said, “It’s the twenty first century, we don’t waste money on newspapers. Here, use my IPad.”

I can tell you this…..that fly never knew what hit him.

Have a wonderful day, I am, I don’t have to cook.

Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)