Hammock Estates Monday Morning Coffee Hour

July 16, 2018

Coffee hour was opened by Sylvia Epson with 23 present today.
Miriam Steele provided the music for birthday wishes to Terry Bain, Jack Fitzgerald, Cynthia Phillips and Iva Stewart.
Anniversary wishes went to Bruce and Mattie Runyon and Lon and Rachel Childress.
Sue Drudge has returned to the park from her northern visit and she said she was glad to be home.
Jim & Freda Munds leave Tuesday for their visit up north. Terry and Joan McGarigle leave Friday for another visit up north.
In absence of Carol Parker, our sunshine gal, Linda Price reported that Jack Tomasevich is in the hospital till Tuesday, he had a implant done to help monitor his heart. Gene Morgan is continuing to improve at home. No one else has reported anyone being sick so hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

We have water in our pool (picture on web site), and the work continues is week. Our 2 weeks and the pool will be done has extended to a month plus. We are all waiting for the time to be able to enjoy our pool again.

Nancy has purchased a dart board and Harold has put it up. So please come and enjoy playing darts, the corn hole game and maybe a round or two of pool.  The clubhouse is there for your use anytime.

Linda Price reported that there are always new pictures being added to the web so don’t forget to take a look.

We heard that 20 people had attended the Kokomo dinner. I didn’t receive any info to report, but I am sure they all had a good time.

This Tuesday we will travel to Winter Haven to Harry’s Old place for dinner. Will all meet at clubhouse for car pooling. 22 people have signed up to go. Mary Little is getting our reservations.

Tonight is Bingo, Tuesday and Friday game nite.

Wendy from the food back came and was happy to receive all the can goods that were brought in the night of our ham and bean dinner. She mentioned that a local church that helps out people in need are looking for any men’s clothing.

Thank you Bert and Ralph Centers for the donuts this morning.

Again any information you have or just to say hi to us send me an email. We do enjoy hearing from our northern families.