Hammock Estates Monday Morning Coffee Hour

Nov 12th  November 2018 Calendar

Ed Layher started our coffee meeting with a funny joke about a parrot. He also introduced me to the members as writer of the Newsletter, so thank you for that Ed, now they know who to blame if I get names or the news wrong….just kidding…I think…

Bob Helmstadter was or mic runner again and was kept busy as usual.

We had a nice turnout today, the countdown was 65. The donuts for today was provided by Bob and Ruth Helmstadter, Wayne and Joan Voight and Claude and Freda Belton. Thank you for your contribution.

A special welcome to all of our returnees. Soon everyone will be back and it will become a big family as they say, and I am proud to be part of it.

There were 4 birthdays for the week and they are Daniel Newman, Lee Smith, Ron DeGraaff, and Rod Kelley. You know at our age a birthday is a blessing not just another day. Remember that. Another milestone conquered.

Another milestone is our anniversaries for the week. They are Ron and Hattie Pierce and Dave and Meike Zeller. Hope you all have a memorable day.

Sunshine Report…Marie Ellison’s son is having surgery tomorrow, Sylvia Flannigan is under a Drs. care at home, she is not doing well. Jack Tomasevich had a fall earlier. A shunt may be put in to help the fluid build up. Grant Parker is not feeling well either. Last but not least Ron Pierce will be having surgery on his ear. Also remember Rose Acker, she is here and looks well, but fighting cancer. A prayer or two would be appreciated for all.

No one volunteered to take over the Guessing Game so until that happens we won’t be doing the game. But there is still the 50/50 and Lee Baldwin won that today. She graciously accepted $23.00. I heard she is headed to the mall….or not!!!

Harold and Linda Price have their daughter Melissa visiting from Stanley, North Dakota. Harold also mention that her husband was voted in as Sheriff in their home county. Did I hear right ???

There were 76 at Bluegrass this week. Yes I sang but I had to beg Jenny Ousley to sing with me. It wasn’t pretty but it was loud. Me, I am talking about not Jenny. We have some really good singers. I am inviting you all to come and listen or sing.

Let’s all welcome Lon Childress as Vice President of the HOA. He seems like a really good fit for this position. Welcome Lon.

Mary Newman had the hot ball at Bingo. She won the jackpot. Hoo hoo ray. Shuffle Board winners were Carol Danzer and Judy Fraser, I couldn’t write fast enough to get of the rest sorry. Pinochle winner was Theresa and Euchre winner was Max Fahl…..How can I get all this information before hand? Any ideas? I want to be able to write about everything going on in the park. How about.. if..I had a box at the clubhouse and then if there is something that is to be in the newsletter, it could be put in the box and I could pick it up after each meeting. Just thinking out-loud….

Corn Hole games have started at the clubhouse on Thursdays at 9:00 and Horseshoes is to be started on the newly re-sodded lot at the front of the park, time and day to be decided. Come try your luck at any or all games.

Rick Motsinger said the hood will be installed in the kitchen and when it is, the kitchen will be out of commission for about 5 days. So get those recipes ready ladies and come try them out. We have some good cooks and bakers here I know.

Couples are needed for the Gourmet Committee, who wants to sign up?

Remember the FREE breakfast this Saturday…it is gonna be good. It should be in the morning…kidding, starts at 9:00 bring your own dinner service and a good appetite.

There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for Thanksgiving Dinner..Sign up..let us know how many will be attending if you have guests and what you will bring. You will also need to bring your own plates,silverware, etc.

Bob Helmstader had our closer today, one of the things he mentioned in his speech was to love one another so John Pickup went over and gave him a big hug…..he looked so surprised…it was so funny.

Well it is time to say goodbye for this week, so I will leave you with this little message. You have two choices in life…Stay single and be miserable or get married and wish you were dead. Just saying…..or remember this if you have eggs and ham for breakfast. It is a days work for a chicken, but a lifetime commitment for the pig.

Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)