May 24, 2021

Benny Casady opened our meeting with an opener. Countdown was 22.

Birthdays this week are David Taylor and Johnnie Baldwin.
Anniversary wishes this week went to Russ and Pat Moody. Belated wishes to Alan and Nancy Bailey Pratt as we missed them last week.

Tom and Erika Wagner were introduced as our new year-round residents. They purchased Punk Kochensparger’s house on John L.

Joan Voight our Sunshine gal needs people to let her know of anyone ill or needing a card. Chuck Danzer’s brother is very sick and he and Carol will be headed to Ohio to see him. Sandy Oleesky will be under VA care. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

Shuffle Board, game night, corn hole and bingo players all had a good time. Everyone is a winner in the summer time. Please come out and enjoy the games. Don’t forget Friday night games were moved to Thursday night at 7:00. Bingo tonight at 7:00.

Plans for a Memorial Day Potluck was discussed. We have 24 people signed up. The meat and drinks will be furnished. Please bring your own table service. We will have our Monday morning meeting after the dinner.

Barbara Burke won the 50/50.

Thank you to Joan and Wayne Voight for the donuts this morning.

Wayne Voight told us the story of his adventure this last week with the barbwire. Give him a call and he will tell you all about it.

Harold Price gave the closer.