Manager’s Update

A few thank you’s first!

I would like to thank Freda Munds for notifing me of the problem in the ladies bathroom. That has been repaired and now usable. I will look further into the damage to the walls.

I would also like to thank Ken and Ralph for repairing the generator and and volunteering to periodically run it, so it is ready, should we need it this season and for their continued work on the yard posts.

Thanks to Carol Danzer for doing some weeding of the plants out front while she is here.

The gas tank for the generator has been install as well as the generator set in place with some of the electrical work completed. We have to wait for Duke energy to redo the connection before the contractor can finish the electrical. Ridge propane should run their gas connection this week.

We will be having Elite plumbing coming to clean out the 2 lift stations. Not scheduled as of today.

We will start on the club house bathroom renovation soon. The progress of the work will be:

  1. Remove partitions in both bathrooms. Volunteers needed, anyone interested please contact me. Thanks
  2. Plumber will do his work. Replace 2 toilets, 2 sinks, new faucets and handrails onside of toilet and in back of eash toilet. The toilet, sink,faucets and handrails will meet ADA Compliance.
  3. Bob Helmstadter has graciously volunteered to finish off the bathrooms when he returns in September. This will include: 2-3ft doors, hanging mirrors, painting and maybe a few other items. Volunteers to help him would also be welcomed.
    Starting date will be announced shortly.

Tree trimming will be the week of July 15th, same tree service as last year.

There is a new combination lock on the pool gate. Please contact me if you need the combination..

There is a lady from the Caladium Arts and Crafts Co-op in Lake Placid that is willing to teach arcylic painting at our club house. There is a minimun of 5 people needed to conduct the class.

She will supply all material for $20.00 per person. The class runs 2-3 hours and all you need to bring is a photo of what you want to paint. She is very talented and has won numerous awards. This can be done year round so long as there are a minimum of 5 people. Please contact me if interested in pursuing this.