Managers Update 7-26-2019

The “ditch” was sprayed and the weeds should be dead within 3 weeks. Then we will get them cleaned out. We are planning on doing a maintenance program to keep them under control.

The Club House bathrooms will soon have new toilet tissue dispensers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispenser. These should all be installed by Friday, 8-2-2019 providing everything arrives on time. A big thank you to Lon for all his help with this project!

There is a new ring buoy at the pool.

We are getting estimates on repair of the electrical pedestals throughout the park. We feel that with the repair parts getting harder to come by, we believe that this is a more economical approach rather than having to replace them at many times the cost of repair.

The palm trees have been trimmed and the plants along Louis St have been trimmed and I think they look really good.

I learned from the owner of Steve’s Tree Service several things that are problems with the plants. He told me that there were too many, to close together and some are the wrong type of plants for what we wanted to accomplish. Also the rubber mulch is not good for some of the plants that are in, because the rubber mulch holds much more heat than regular mulch, and those plants can’t take the additional heat. There should have been barriers on both sides of the plants to contain the mulch because rubber mulch will float much quicker (with our heavy rains) than regular causing it to be displaced all over. There were some other things to. We will have to take a close look at how to move forward with managing that line of plants. This was a real education for me, I did not know planting was so complicated.