Managers Update 10-8-2019

I was shocked to read the newsletter this week. The paragraph about the pool is not only wrong but misleading.

The high-water level was caused by either the pool cleaner leaving a valve closed or by a resident (unauthorized) that was messing around in the equipment enclosure and accidently caused its closing.

The pool equipment functioned and continues to function as it was designed to. There was no problem with the equipment, the problem was a person. Access to the pool equipment is for authorized persons only, that is why only they have a key.

I know a resident was in there because one of the water timers was turned off. Which has been corrected so the plants will still get water. Residents, please contact the “office” with your questions or concerns.

In regards to the pool being “overfilled” I and the pool company decided to leave it that way because of lack of rain and evaporation.

Replacement of the solar blanket was being handled before this newsletter and does not require board approval.

 I hope, future newsletters provide correct and accurate information and not written on hearsay or assumptions.

It was also brought to my attention that a few residents have tried to contact me and did not get a reply. The reason as I found out is that they were using my personal phone number. I do not answer calls that are not in my contacts.

Please use the office number, 863-382-0347, that number is forwarded to the office cell phone that I keep with me. If I do not answer you have the opportunity to leave a message and I will get back to you.

Communication with management will avoid misinformation.