Hammock Estates Monday Morning Coffee Hour

FEB 11th   FEB Calendar

The meeting was called to order by Lon Childress as the Bob Helmstadter is still out of town.  Hope things are going well for them.  Count down was 91 today and Don Madden was the mic runner. Connie Bruner provided the opener today.
Blue Grass had over 90 people present and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We have so many singers that the time was extended to make sure all received enough time to sing two songs if they wanted to.
Birthdays for the week are Edgar Williams, Ralph Tomassi, Annette Layher, and Sylvia Epson.
Anniversaries for the week is Jim and Kathy Morgan, who celebrated their 50th.
Songs were sung to all for each occasion.
Talking about being married 50 years, wasn’t that a great tribute to the two couples who were present. Everything looked beautiful and the reminiscing of the couples were both funny and entertaining.  Thanks to all the members that made this happen.  There was an enormous amount of food, we have really good cooks in the park.  I didn’t get all the names, but to those involved, you did an excellent job.  The cake cutting was taken care of by two of our members also.  Great job!  I missed getting a photo before everyone started moving around.  I have lots of pictures.  I think I took about 90.  I need to go thru them so if it doesn’t get on our site this week, it will next week.  It took place on Thursday and I am a little behind, plus I found the photos from Indiana for the Golden Coral Breakfast.  I want to get them all on too.  I wonder if putting each event into a separate folder an naming the event would help when you want to view them.  What do you think?  You know this party was so good, I can’t wait for mine in 2056.  I will be only 110.  Can never tell.
I also want to mention that if you have any news that you want to be included in our newsletter, please make a note of it and give it to me or drop it off at my house.  I just can’t write fast enough to get all the names for a special event or dinner and I think all should be recognized for what was done.
Linda Price did the Sunshine Report, Carol is out of town for a while and the only updates concerned Boyd Butts.  He is home and getting medical treatment there.
There has been a surge in the homes that have sold.  Sanderson’s,  Bishop’s, Rouston & Allen, homes have been sold, and the Dean’s should be finalized within the next two weeks. Some of them are my neighbors and I know I will certainly miss them after all these years.
Did you know marriage is like a deck of cards?  In the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond.  In the end, you wish for a club and a spade.
An old woman and old man stood before a priest to renew their marriage.  The priest says to the old man,
“And now if you would like to repeat your vows?”  So the old man says, ” a-e-i-o-u.
Thursday is the shareholders meeting.  There are two openings and we need your vote that will decide out of the candidates, who will represent the Park.  Did I mention free pizza at 12???
The Guessing game had 6 winners and they each received a whopping $2.25.  The 50/50 winner was Lee Smith, now that was a win of $46.00.  He said it took him 7 years to win, but remember good things come to those who wait.
Donuts were provided by Bob and Nancy Mellinger, Don and Joanne Madden, Ron and Roberta DeGraaff.
Jerry Epson reminded us, of how our health can change unexpectedly.  So live life to fullest possible each day.  You never know what is just around the bend.
Game Winners for the week per Martha Watson:
Euchre ———
Pinochle  Punk (Gary) Kochensparger
Shuffle Board
Tues.  Chuck Danzer       Fri. Johnnie Baldwin
           Virginia Krou               Carol Danzer
           Claude Belton
Horseshoes  Russ Moody on Sat.  Rained out Wed
Cornhole  Russ Moody
I heard a great time was had, listening to Simple Faith last week.  Sorry I missed it.
I hate to brag, but I just put a puzzle together in one day, and the box said 2-4 years.
Til next week,