Hammock Estates Monday Morning Coffee Hour

March 25th March Calendar

Bob Helmstadter opened the meeting today. Ron Madden was the mic runner. There were 84 members present and there were a few guests.  Judy Frasier had 2 granddaughters with her, Kathy and Jim Morgan’s grandson and Mike Watson’s son, quite a good-looking bunch.
 I received an email from Sandy Oleesky and Edith Patterson thanking the association for remembering them with the Saturday dinner.  I imagine that Sandy is still recuperating from his mishap at Walmart last week.  Remember Betty Lawson, Joe Flanagan, Bill and Kathy Gardner’s daughter-in-law and Rose Acker in your prayers.  Wishing a full recovery for all.
Bluegrass is still going strong.  There was 88 present last week.  Come out and listen, or get brave and sing your favorite song.  If you play an instrument, join in.  I suspect it will be ending for the summer soon but will start up again in the fall.
We had no anniversaries for this week, but we do have 4 birthdays, Sue Drudge, Mike MacDonald, Russ Moody, and Mary Funk.  Happy Birthday to all and I think you each deserve a night out….just saying.
There were no winners in the guessing game today so that will be carried over to next week.  The 50/50 was won by Lowell Brevoort Monday.  I was close, well across the table, it could have been me lol.
Game winners for last week are:
Euchre:  Dick Thelen
Pinochle: Doug Meyer, who had a double run which rarely happens.
Bingo Hot Ball:  Claude Belton, Jim Morgan and Dianna Green who split $49.00
Come play and join in the fun.
Bunco:  Most Buncos-Delores Kelley
               Most Games-Cindy Phillips
               Honorable Mention-Penny Walters and Pat Moody
Shuffle Board: Tues  Rained Out
                           Fri  Hattie Pierce
Horseshoes:     Wed  Jim Munds
                           Sat    Jim Munds
Cornhole: Carol Danzer
 Last night I danced like no one was watching, but someone was watching and Vern thought I was having a seizure and called an ambulance.
Til next week,