Happy Labor Day everyone.  The streets of Hammock Estate looks like a ghost town.  Thank you to everyone that helped with getting the awnings down on homes.  Thanks for picking up loose items through out the park.

Our Labor Day Chicken Dinner had been postponed last week in lieu of the up coming Hurricane.

Today Lon Childress opened the meeting with Harold Price giving an opener and the count was 24. We decided on Saturday night to have coffee and donuts because Dorian still has not made its path known for today.

Rachel Childress gave the birthday list and boy there are a lot of birthdays this week: Sonny Emmons, Max Fahl, John Pickup, Nadene French, Don Guy, Jenny Ousley, Donna George, Chuck Danzer, NancyBailey-Pratt and Connie Brunner. There were no anniversaries.

Sunshine Report:  Cards were sent around to be signed for Sue Drudge, as she was in hospital in Indiana, and Betty Pheiffer who is in hospital here in Sebring. Ralph Centers back surgery was successful and he is back working hard. Don Madden called and said Denise Smith is doing good and plans to be here in November and return to Michigan in Feb for further treatments.  Chuck Danzer it still having to have back surgery, says his knee is doing ok. Ralph Ousley reported that he is now half way through his treatments and October 31 will be his last one.  He thanked everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Linda read a card from Joyce Chapman.  She is doing very well with her foot now and hopes to be here in October. Lyla and Jack Fitzgerald have returned to the park. They enjoyed their summer up north. This may be the last update if we lose electricity this week.  We do not know at this point how we will be effected. Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to Lon and Rachel for the donuts and coffee.
Harold gave a closer.