August 29, 2019 11:30am
Special meeting was called by Park Manager Dave Zeller.
Topic: Hurricane Dorian
There are at least 50 people living in this park that will need to prepare for the upcoming storm. Dave sent a info sheet around that had people sign and explain what they will do in case the storm hits us with phone numbers and emergency contacts. Please prepare your property, awnings down, and loose objects put inside. Clear your car ports. Swimming pool will be shut down and may not open until pool has been treated.
2 Block Captains are needed for each street. Please sign up if you can do this. Duties will be to access any damage, inform people on your street of any updated information. Dave will update the web site when internet is available with information. Have plenty of cash on hand. ATM’s will be down, stores will not have electricity to run credit cards. Make sure you have all your medicines fill and with you. Take all important personal papers with you. Volunteers are needed to help put down awnings. There are 5 shut ins within the park they will need help getting to motels or shelters. Please remember to clean out your fridge and freezer.
Stay safe and keep us all informed of your where abouts.
If you have questions or problems and need help please contact Park Manager Dave Zeller at 863-382-0347.

The Labor day chicken dinner has been postponed. We will have this after the storm and everyone is back in the park.