Lon Childress opened the meeting with Bud Pheiffer giving a hilarious opener. Count down was 20.

Miriam Steele played piano for the 2 birthdays, Chuck Imboden and Eileen Carey and 1 anniversary John and Lynnette Pickup. Best wishes to all.

Sunshine Report: Linda received a call from Dolores Kelly. Rod is waiting to hear from the doctors if and when heart surgery can be done. He needs to have a valve replaced. She will call back as more information is received. Please keep Rod in your prayers and thoughts. Ralph Centers has been ok’d for his back surgery to be done end of this month. Jim Munds will have cataract surgery this week.

Group will go the Olympic in Avon Park Thursday at 4:30.

Labor Day: Chicken dinner at 1:00 $5.00 pre pay. Bring your table service and drink. Chicken, mac salad, potato salad, baked beans, rolls and cake will served.

Bingo and games as usual this week.

Thank you to Harold and Linda for the donuts and coffee today.

Miriam Steele announced that they had reached their goal to purchase the Bibles. Now they have to get the Bibles from Brazil to Mozambique.

Harold Price had a closer.