Lon Childress opened meeting with Harold Price giving a funny opener.
There were 27 present.

Lynette Pickup gave us the birthday reminders for this week; Stan Hazen,
Sandy Sherry and Elfriede Belton. Anniversaries this week are Don and
JoAnne Madden and Punk and Cynde Kochensparger.

Sunshine Report: Contact with Connie Bruner she said Gary is doing ok and hope to be down in September. Kat Hazelett says Bob is ok but in a lot of pain. He is very stiff and has a lot of sore muscles. Dolores Kelly said Rod is doing ok they are waiting for doctors to decide what to do next. Lee Baldwin had surgery to insert a defibrillator as well as a pacemaker. Claude Belton is out of ICU and has been up standing no walking yet and being watched very closely. He will be in the hospital for 5-7 days. Patty and Ken Gillie are down with acute bronchitis. Carol Ruccio is also sick. Ralph Centers is doing well from his surgery on his lower eye lids. Chuck Danzer will have knee surgery this week. Ralph Ousley started treatments and is doing well. Lynne Brewer is doing very good since her knee surgery. It was brought to our attention that Phil Manning had another knee surgery. Brenda Hollingsworth will be having carotid artery surgery in Winter Haven not sure of the date yet. Received word that Lisa Bain lost her mother this last week. Lisa’s mother is also Jenny Ousley’s sister-in-law. Our condolences to the families. Please keep every one in your thoughts and prayers.

Linda Price thanked everyone that helped with the clean up after the chicken noodle dinner last Wednesday. We had a really good turn out. Can’t wait to see what the next dinner will be.

Welcome back Doug and Pam Myers even if you are only here for a week. Lynette and John Pickup will be leaving for up north this Friday.

Dinner out this week will be Thursday July 25 at 5:00 pm at the Watering Hole.

Managers report given by Lon. The bathrooms were gutted and Lon and Dave worked on getting the sheet rock up and painted. The new fixtures will be installed this week. The floors in the bathrooms will be painted after the doors have been redone for handicap access. The pool leak has been fixed. The trees were all trimmed this last week and Hammock Estates looks beautiful.

Bingo tonight and games as usual.

Thank you Susan Kimmel for the donuts this morning.

If you have any news to share please contact me, lmprice48@hotmail.com,