Good Morning Hammock Estates.  Lon Childress opened the meeting, Harold Price gave the opener and the count down was 27, up 5 from last week.

Lynette Pickup gave the birthday wish to Arline Dennis, Terry Bain, Jack Fitzgerald, Cynthia Phillips Feltenberger and Iva Stewart. Anniversary wishes to Grant and Carol Parker, Lon & Rachel Childress and Ike and Sondra West.

Sunshine Report: Card was signed for Bob Hazelett who was hit on Hwy 27 while riding his bicycle, he is bruised and sore but doing ok.  Max Fahl had good luck with both of this cataract surgeries.  July Fahl has completed her treatments. Yvonne Moranis back home from the Palms. Claude Belton is seeing a doctor for heart related problems. Ralph Ousley will start new treatments next week. Ralph Centers is having back surgery and eye laser treatments this week.  No update on Lee Baldwin. Please keep all of our park residents in your thoughts and prayers.  Harold read a thank you from Wendy Roth with the food bank.  Our park has been so good this summer in continuing to supply food and things for the missions.

Chicken Noodle dinner is Wednesday at 4:00 pm.  Remember to bring table service.

Dinner out this week will be Friday night at Victoria’s be there by 4:30 pm.

Bingo tonight and games Tues and Friday.

Lon gave the park update:  Tree cutting is to start this Wednesday.  A contractor will be here on Thursday to start the reinforcement of walls and then Thursday Lon and Dave will put up the sheet rock.  The contractor will then be back to install the new fixtures.  All of the updates will be up to code for handicap. We will have some down time for use of the bathrooms.  Dave is working on getting a contractor to spray the weeds in the creek and have the weeds removed. They have really taken over the creek. Linda asked why the inside of the clubhouse had not been sprayed by Eagle?  We have ants and bugs.  We are cooking in the clubhouse so we need to have a clean environment. Lon to check with Dave.

Possible Flu shot clinic was brought up for those interested in having it done at clubhouse instead of their doctors office.  There would be no charge. Need at least 20 people.

Donuts provided by Harold and Linda Price. Bud Pheiffer gave the closer. Linda has added a few new pictures so be sure to check them out.

PS. I just received word on Claude Belton, if his test comes back positive he will be having open heart surgery tomorrow. He will be at the Bradenton Hospital. Also word was received that Lee Baldwin is at Port Charlotte and will be having a defibrillator put in.  Her mitral valve is working good but needs the defibrillator to push the blood through. Again we will keep these people in our thoughts and prays.