June 24, 2019

Lon Childress opened our Monday morning coffee hour. Harold Price had a great opener.

Our count was 27.

Lots of June birthday kids; Jim Morgan, Linda Price, Carol Phelps and Sylvia Flanagan.

Anniversary wishes go to; George and Sandy Sherry, Joe and Sylvia Flanagan and Ron and Roberta DeGraaff.

Chuck and Carol Danzer have returned for a couple of weeks. Carol reported that Chuck will have knee replacement surgery on July 23 up north and if that one goes ok he will have the other knee done too.

Linda Price reported that word has been received that Jim Forrest has cancer. Alan Pratt has been down with a UTI. Cards were signed and mailed to each today. Yvonne Moran is in the Palms and should be back home in a week. Lynette Pickup will have eye surgery for a torn retina this week. Betty Lawson is still doing treatments up north. Lynne Brewer called and she came home from rehab, she is using a walker and is improving every day from her knee surgery on June 4th. Annette Layer lost her brother to cancer last week. Ralph Ousley is receiving treatments. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

Harold reported that we received a thank you card from the Sebring Safehouse for the items given.

Wendy Roth sent a thank you letter from the food bank for the 276 pounds of food given in a month.

No Managers report.

One of the stools in the lady’s bathroom sprung a leak over the week-end. The hose from the shut off valve came loose from the stool. The water has been shut off but there is some water damage to the wall into the laundry room. Dave was notified of the problem.

Dinner out this week will be Wednesday June 26 4;30 at Tabby’s bar and Grill in Lake Placid. This is newly opened so off we will go and try them out. Susan Kimmel will make the reservation for 20.

Don’t forget Bingo tonight and games through out the week.

Big thank you to Freda and Jim for the coffee and donuts this morning.

Anyone wanting to add news or pictures please let me know. I am just filling in for the summer until someone else can do the newsletter.