Linda Price opened the meeting today for Lon Childress. Ralph Centers had an opener to help start the day off with laughter. The countdown was 30. There was no Sunshine Report. Stay healthy as possible everyone.

We do have a few Birthdays and Anniversaries to celebrate.
Annette Pickup reported that they are:
Birthdays: Nancy Thompson, Martha Watson, and Pattie Gillie.
Anniversaries: Claude and Elfrieda Belton (52 years)
We wish you all the best.

There is a Bean Dinner next Monday on the 13th. Bring a Dessert or Cornbread. We need a head count, so sign up.

We will be having PotLuck on Memorial Day. Sign up sheets on bulletin board. No Coffee Hour that day. You can sleep in if you would like to. Coffee Hour will be after the dinner,

Linda Price is checking on reservations for Thursday’s Dinner Out. The choice is Caddy Shack or Victoria’s.

Again, since most games are at member’s discretion the will be no reports this summer. One that is constant is Bingo on Monday night. Play just for the fun of it and the comradery that you shall share.

Hurricane Season is will be starting next month. There will be booths at the mall with information on safety and what preparations should be made before the season starts. Check your newspaper or the manager of the mall for dates and times.

Thank you, Jim and Freda Munds for the donuts today. I ate mine on the way home.

There some activities going on this summer, so check your calendar. We tend to slow down until our population grows in the fall.

Did you know that in Alabama, they changed the drinking age to 31??? They wanted to keep alcohol out of high school…

I went to a friend’s house last week and he was washing his car with his son. I told him that a sponge would work better.

Til next week
Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)