We are in the midst of Florida’s Social Distancing restrictions and following the CDC recommendations for avoiding personal contact. Face masks were passed out to all residents last week for venturing outside your homes. Our streets are quiet and (hopefully) safe. Please refer to the Park Managers Emergency Notes on our website for any updates or changes.

We have received several helpful guidelines on how to better protect yourself from the COVID 19 virus. It is reported the pH for the virus varies between 5.5 to 8.5. To beat the virus we need to take in more alkaline foods that are above the pH level of the virus. Some of which are: Lemon 9.9pH; Lime 8.2pH; Avocado 15.6pH; Garlic 13.2pH; Mango 8.7pH; Tangerine 8.5pH; Pineapple 12.7pH; dandelion 22.7pH; and Orange 9.2pH. Many of those are native to our area and plentiful. Eat Healthy & Beat That Virus!

Lynette Pickup shared the birthday wishes this week for Bob Mellinger, Diane Wood and Joe Flanagan. There is one anniversary this week celebrated by Bob & Ruth Helmstadter (51 years).

Carol Parker of the Sunshine Committee shared good news that Betty Lawson returned home and was told no treatment was needed at this time. We have no reports of anyone else not feeling well. If you know of anyone we should be aware of please let Carol know. As always please keep everyone in our park in your prayers.