Lon Childress opened the meeting today and Harold Price was the mic runner.  On the countdown, there was 37 present.  We were few and the meeting was short.

Then there is me, sorry I m late with the newsletter this week.  I had some major computer problems and trying to get it all sorted out. I was up until 2:30 this morning and it still is not finished. I have a lot of information, etc on here and do not want to start all over again.  So, again my apologies.

There was one Birthday this week, Happy Birthday Lynne Brewer.  But the anniversaries were all momentous.  They are Joe and Helen Cole (55 yrs), Wayne and Joan Voight (66yrs), Max and Judy Fahl (61) years.  It makes me want to salute these 3 couples and say “Well done.”  The wish for all is many more.

Carol Parker had a card passed around for us to sign for Terry McGarigle, who is not feeling well.  Prayers sent up for a full recovery.

We want to thank Lon and Rachel Childress for the donuts today.  Don’t forget to sign up for the summer months.

All the action seems to be winding down so it must be summer, no one competing in our games.  They are played just for fun in the summer time.  And then there is me, I am at a loss for words to write as my little brain is filled on what I want to do on the computer so that I don’t have to start over.

Check your calendars for activities for this month.

We would like to wish everyone safe travel,  as you travel home, and can’t wait to see everyone this fall.  If anything new happens while you are in your northern home and you would like to make it known…please email me at verenda@gmail.com.  

 I thought this little cartoon described my life, except the roles are reversed in our house. 

Til next week.Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)