We have received information from Park Manager, Dave Zeller, pertaining to an update to our web site that will provide a communications platform coming in the near future. Please review the following:

The Board of Directors have decided to move forward with a communication platform for the park. They believe this is necessary so all owners can be informed immediately and kept updated as things arise.
The platform offers so much more for the owners than just information and updates in an emergency for warnings and preparations for hurricanes.
Below are listed some of the other benefits.

  1. Completely private – home owners only
  2. Access to ROC documents
  3. ROC & HOA Calendar
  4. Dynamic forms – report a safety concern and many more, work approval form
  5. Photo Galleries
  6. Community feed. chat with other residents
  7. Group pages – shuffleboard, cards, bingo and more
  8. Business listing for businesses that work in our park
  9. Member directory – you control what you want listed

Our site will be https://hammockestates.nabrnetwork.com/

Below is a link to a video that explains the platform. Please note that
we are not set up for billing and viewing your account. That requires a special software package.

More information will be coming. We are planning to launch in 3 to 4 weeks, we are currently getting information on the site and going through admin training.

When the site launches you will receive a “WELCOME EMAIL” with instructions on how to log in.

We feel this will be a real asset to all residents. Please watch for future correspondence.

Carol Parker of the Sunshine Committee shared that Rod and Dolores Kelly went back home, Rod is now in the hospital and is not doing well. He hasn’t been able to eat any food. Being unable to swallow he is on liquids only. The Doctors tried putting stint in but that didn’t work.

Lynnette Pickup was taken to the hospital last night with chest pains. Tests are being done this morning and we are hoping for positive results.

Nancy Mellinger has been down for a week with a sore throat. She is maintaining her distance from all residents until she is on the mends.
Please keep everyone in your prayers.

We were informed that we have no birthdays or anniversaries this week. So, no cake for us this week.

Be sure to refer to the Park Managers Emergency Notes on our web site for any updates or changes as we continue to enjoy central Florida’s gorgeous weather.