April 15th
The meeting was short and sweet this morning. Since Bob Helmstader is gone for the summer, Lon Childress did a mighty fine job filling in for Bob. No opener today, even John Pickup didn’t have one. So disappointing. Many are leaving this week. We all wish you safe travel and hope to see you this fall.

The 50/50 was won by Karen Potter. The Bingo Hot ball was split two ways and no I didn’t win but I am going to try tonight.

Helen Cole said that were 76 at Bluegrass this week. We are shrinking…. people. I think there is one more session, so practice up while you are gone and sing for us later this year. I am going to practice all summer, well maybe not, I don’t have a guitar, wouldn’t do any good, I can’t play!!!!!!

We have some birthdays and anniversaries this week, let’s wish Patty Forest, Gary Lewis, and Kathy Gardner a great and eventful birthday and a 65th anniversary for Robert and Connie Brown. My goodness, what a milestone. You should be so proud of that feat. Thank you Lynette Pickup for keeping us informed. Now we need to calm John down. LOL

For the Sunshine Report, most of it was relayed to me by Carol Parker, then I added a few things. You are doing a great job, Carol.

A card was mailed last week to Chuck and Laura Imboden for their daughter. She is a single mom and lost everything in a house fire. The Imbodens church here in Sebring took up a collection for them.

A card was mailed to Joyce Chapman for surgery today on her foot. As everyone knows she fell here a few weeks ago. This is part of an email I received from Joyce which explains the injury and what will be done…..My foot proved to be not healing properly and the break was spreading more in the last few days, so the surgeon determined yesterday that I need to have a screw put in my foot to fix the bone. (sounds gruesome). I will have it the next Monday and it will be outpatient down at Passavant Hosp. near Pittsburgh. Not looking forward to it at all, but I have to do it or may end up with worse complications later on. I have moved over to Rick’s house across town and he is babying me like crazy. I told him he is going to be exhausted from 6 more weeks of this nonsense! I will not be allowed to touch my boot to the floor for at least 6 more weeks. Bleah!!

A card was signed for Edith Patterson. Doctors gave her new medication and it made her ill. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Ron and Roberta DeGraaff picked her up late Saturday night. She is home now. A big thank you to our good samaritans for doing this..

Ralph Ousley is having surgery next Monday for his broken arm. I remember like it was yesterday, I said to Ralph, you are going to hurt yourself trying to do cartwheels in the yard, don’t want to say I told you so. Buttttttt!!!

Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

Harold Price read a letter from the Food Bank that is helped by our donations here at the Park, it makes you smile when you hear how (very) much it has been appreciated. Let’s keep up the good work.

I usually get a list of who won our games last week, so I got lazy and didn’t write them down. So, since I need to get this copy to Linda Price, who then sends it to the web. I will do double duty next week.

Talking about Linda, if you have any pictures or pertinent information that you want in the newsletter, get it to Linda, she will see that it gets posted to our website.

My pertinent information is something that I have been mulling about in my brain. So here goes, I have been looking at Tanglewood’s website (mostly for their big garage sale). I wonder, if, when everyone returns, we might discuss having, not only pages for mobile home sales, but a classified section for items you might want to sell, and as we are all getting older we may need someone to do a load of wash, clean our home, mow our grass, be taken for appointments as some of us don’t drive anymore. There could be a small set fee for some services or someone may offer help at no charge. What do you think???? You have all summer to dwell on it or you can email me and I can see if there is any interest in doing this. Just an idea, but if help was needed, hopefully, there will be bulletin either in the newsletter or posted at the club.

I will be signing off now, Vern says he’s hungry and it is my duty to feed him….NOT…….! so I leave you with this little tidbit. Every guy thinks a girls dream is to find the perfect man. P-l-e-a-ssss-e!!!!!!! Every girls dream is to eat all they want and not get fat…..
Til next week,
Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)