We are still practicing all recommended social distancing guidelines as we continue to fight the spread of COVID 19 throughout Highlands County and especially at Hammock Estates. No exception to this was the Easter Morning church service conducted outside the clubhouse. All 54 residents attending maintained the required distance and many golf carts were lined up along John L Street. It was a great opportunity to share this time with our neighbors and special thanks to Gerald Steel for delivering a wonderful message!

Unfortunately, we have learned of several residents who were not aware of the church service. There was no intention to not include any of our neighbors. Without a format in place to be able to reach out to everyone at once, this was left up to word-of-mouth to spread the news. This created a couple awkward scenarios. First being no one knew who has been informed and who wasn’t and, the other is likened to our high school days when the cutest girl in the class was not asked to the dance because all the guys thought surely someone else has asked her already. If only we knew what we didn’t know.

We are happy to announce the fence on the north boundary, behind Rodney Street residents, has been completely installed. Special thanks for helping goes out to Chuck & Carol Danzer, Claude & Elfriede Belton, Johnnie Baldwin, Ron Harmon, Terry Webber, Gene Smolinski and Punk Kochensparger.

Lynette Pickup has shared the birthday wishes this week for Dean Baumgartner, Patty Forrest, Gary Lewis and Judy Smolinski. There is one anniversary this week celebrated by Robert & Connie Brown (66 years).

Carol Parker of the Sunshine Committee shared that we have no reports of anyone not well at this time. If you know of anyone we should be aware of please let Carol know. As always please keep everyone in our park in your prayers. It seems to be working!!

Be sure to refer to the Park Managers Emergency Notes on our web site for any updates or changes as we continue to enjoy central Florida’s gorgeous weather.

If you have any information for our newsletter please send to mellingerr@aol.com or call Bob Mellinger from your directory.