April Calendar

Oops, my mind must be really slipping, I not only showed up at the dentist a week early Monday, but the Newsletter just slipped through the cracks along with it. My apologies.

Monday was April Fool’s Day and Bob Helmstadter sure stepped up and provided us with some April Fool’s witticism.  I thought he was serious at first.  He was so funny.  Then Virginia Krou supplied another joke.  Made for a feel good day.

We had 85 members present, Dolorse Kelley won the 50/50 and Gary Brunner and Lon Childress won the Guessing Game. 

There were no anniversaries. Bob Mellenger, who is one of our new residents, had the only birthday.  So Happy Birthday Bob and welcome to our Park.

Ron Madden, as usual, was our mic runner

Judy Fraiser welcomed a visiting grandson to her home, I think she has a houseful now.  Phil Manning’s son, Randall is also here.  

The Carey’s who bought Bruce and Terrie’s home donated quite a few books to our ever growing library.  If you like to read, please check out all that is offered at the clubhouse.

Wayne Voight was taken by ambulance a few days ago but is back home and will be going for further medical treatment.  Joyce Chapman is doing ok and is using a knee walker to get around, Gerald and Miriam Steele have been under the weather and Bert Centers has the flu.  Judy Fahl is having surgery, and if you remember Jim and Iolene Mossburg, who used to live here, they lost their son to ALS recently.  Bob Helmstadter read a message from Dave Acker that said Rose is on comfort measures. Rod Kelley is home from the hospital and is on antibiotics.  Prayers for them all please.

Bluegrass is still going strong with 120 present last week.  Two more sessions and it will end for the summer.

Since so many celebrate Easter at church on the 21st, it was decided to have international dinners out every week instead.  Check your calendars for date and times. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.

I came, I saw, I forgot what I was doing, retraced my steps, got lost on the way back, now I have no idea what is going on!!!!!!   I think senility is going to be a smooth transition for me

Nancy Pratt, who is a professional photographer, will be doing the photos for our new directory.  There is no cost to you, but if you want to do a sitting for yourself, check with Nancy for her fee. 

Game winners for the week are:

  • Euchre: Punk (Gary Kochensparger)
  • Pinochle: Punk (Gary Kochensparger)
  • Bingo Hot Ball:  Claude Belton, Jim Morgan and Dianna Green who split $49.00 – Come play and join in the fun.
  • Bunco: Come play – only $1.00
  • Bingo Hotball Winner: Judy Fraiser’s granddaughter Ava Dennis, she won $51.00.Come play, you may be the next winner.
  • Honorable Mention-Penny Walters and Pat Moody
  • Shuffle Board:
    • Tues: Virginia Krou, Marie Ellison and Ralph Ousley
    • Fri: Annette Lahyer, Johnnie Ballwin
  • Horseshoes:
    • Wed: Russ Moody
    • Sat: Russ Moody
  • Cornhole: Ron DeGraaff

I will leave you this bit of FYI….I have found if you stuff one pant leg in the top of your sock, people will expect less of you.
Oh before I forget, thank you ???? for the donuts.   I warned you!!!!!!!!!!!

Til next week,

Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)