April 8th
Linda Price graciously took notes today at the coffee meeting today and dropped them off to me.  I had a dentist appointment and couldn’t attend.  Thank you, Linda.

Bob Helmstadter opened the meeting today with 78 attending.  The countdown is getting to be less and less.  Ron Degraff had an opener this morning, to start off the day with a smile.  Don Madden was the mic runner.

Linda mentioned that Bill Gardner spoke about his daughter-in-law’s surgery.  She is home now and taking one day at a time.

Carol Parker reported Ralph Ousley broke his arm.  He told my husband that he had just picked up a concrete block and it broke.  I think as we get older, our bones get brittle and we need to ask for help with any heavy lifting.

Betty Lawson is in Ohio, staying with her daughter, as she will have surgery for a mass on her lung soon.  I spoke with her tonight on the phone and she is in good spirits.  She will also recuperate at her daughter’s home, as she is alone here.

Jim Morgan had a heart cath today.  I do not know the results yet.

Judy Fahl is awaiting the pathology report from her recent surgery. 

Please remember them all when you say your prayers at night.

Birthdays this week are Joe Flanagan and Dean Baumgartner.  I think they both are 29 now..give or take.

Bob and Ruth Helmstadter are celebrating 50 years of marriage.  That is quite a feat nowadays, don’t you think?

Best wishes to all. 

Bill Gardner’s grandson is here visiting our little community.  There have been quite a few visitors this year.  We also had visitors over the weekend.  Vern’s Air Force buddy and his lady friend from South Carolina and our niece and nephew from Kokomo, IN.  Seems so quiet now. LOL

Have you heard this….Jake was dying.  His wife sat by his bed.  He looked up and said weakly,  “I have something to confess.”   “There is no need.” his wife replied. “No, I want to die in peace. I slept with your sister, your best friend and her best friend and your mother.”  “I know, I know.” she replied.”Now just rest and let the poison work.

There were 66 at Blue Grass.  One more jam session this Wednesday and then closing for the summer.

Donuts was provided today by Ken and Patty Gillie, Jerry and Sylvia Epson and Phil and Carolyn Manning. 

Guessing game was won by Clyde Belton for $7.75 and the 50/50 was won by Mary Newman in the amount of $28.00.

Games winners names were provided by Martha Watson and they are:

  • Euchre: Mike Watson
  • Pinochle:  Tie/ Teresa Desautels and Martha Watson
  • Bingo:  Hot ball winner:  Virginia Krou $40.00
  • Bunco: Pat Moody and Helen Cole – Most Buncos
    • Honorable Mention: Cindy Phillips
  • Shuffle:
    • Tuesday was rained out
    • Friday: Chuck Danzer
  • Horseshoes:
    • Wednesday: Jim Munds
    • Saturday: Ron Degraaff
  • Cornhole: Ron Degraaf beat his son in a very exciting Game.

Ladies  Luncheon is April 9, at the train station in Avon Park.  Please sign up.  The cost is $15.00 prepay.

You know I never run with scissors. Those last two words are unnecessary.

Til next weekBrenda (verenda@gmail.com)