There was no Monday Morning Coffee & Donuts again this morning. Our clubhouse is still closed, as is our pool and all activities. We did, however, have an informal gathering outside the clubhouse where about 46 social distancing-conscience-residents attended. HOA President Bob Helmstadter was able to share with us the current situations for our beautiful park.

There will be no gourmet committee for April and no entertainment planned until further notice. Many of our residents are returning north for the summer, some sooner than usual due to travel restrictions, and some are staying a little longer to wait out the virus. After all, if you must self quarantine, can you think of any better place than central Florida?!

Lynette Pickup shared the birthday wishes this week for Bill French, Sue Drudge, Mike MacDonald, Brenda Geiger and Russ Moody. There are two anniversaries this week celebrated by Bill & Nadene French and Jim & Freda Munda Munds (35 years).

Carol Parker shared the Sunshine Report noting that Bob Hazelett has recovered from his cough, Larry McLain had pneumonia but is getting better. Vicki McClain had a flare up with MS. Wayne Voight is starting to come around with his knee surgery. Doug Meyers has been riding his bicycle since his knee surgery and seems to be going much better. We are aware of four folks that are fighting bronchitis, but no cards are going around to avoid sharing germs. As always please keep everyone in our prayers.

HOA Membership Host John Pickup announced he has officially welcomed new residents, the Melinski’s, to Hammock Estates. We’re all looking forward to meeting them as soon as the social distancing restrictions are lifted!

We do have extra directories for anyone wanting a 2nd copy. They are available for $20 each. Please contact Linda Price or Nancy Pratt.

A sheet of corrections to the directory will be available soon. There are some corrections and a few additions/deletions. We are a community that is constantly changing, please keep your directory up to date.

New addition to the website, Emergency notices under Communications. Please look at this for park updates from Dave Zeller.

We are still seeking someone to take over the newsletter for the summer months, May – October, while I go home for the summer. Please let me know, Thank you!