It is Monday again, seems like I just wrote the newsletter. Time is flying by and soon the Park will be a ghost town until next year. I hope no one is going to any of the flooded areas. It looks awful on TV.

Bob Helmstadter opened the meeting with his usual jolly attitude. The countdown was 90 and going down each week it seems. We do have some visitors. Carolyn Manning’s daughter and son-in-law are visiting from Indiana. Velva Taylor is also visiting friends here.

I have 2 new neighbor’s, the Potter’s who bought Pete and Marie Dean’s home. Bruce and Terrie Rouston also sold their home, I have not met the new owners but I will try to get over and invite them to events that we have. Sure gonna miss Marie and Terrie a lot and Pete and Bruce a little. lol lol

The guessing game was won by 4 people and they split about $10.10. The lucky winners were Delores Kelley, Terry Webber. Russ Moody and Sylvia Epson. Don’t spend it all in one place. The 50/50 was won by our new member, Karen Potter, who won $38.00. That is serious money lol.

A big thank you goes out to Claude and Freda Belton, Terry and Joan McGarrigle and Iva and Al Stewart for the donuts this morning. We need to recognize Betty McCarvell because she is the one that always goes to pick the donuts up each Monday. Thank you, Betty.

Lynette Pickup reported birthday wishes are to go to Joe Cole, Jerry Epson, Laura Imboden, and Bill French. The anniversaries this week are Mike and Tami Gerity, Bill and Nadene French and Jim and Freda Munds who have been married for 39 years. Best wishes to all.

We will be getting a defibrillator in the near future, hoping to never use it but if needed it is good to have.

For our Sunshine Report, Linda Price let us know that Sandy Oleesky was hit by a van in Walmart’s parking lot. He emailed me and I am including his email below:
Sandy Oleesky, 94, was knocked to the ground last Thursday, 3/14, in the Wal-Mart parking lot by a van backing out of a parking space. EMS was called. Injuries were to his left shoulder and hand. Hospital X rays show a thin fracture in the shoulder. Not too serious, but at his age, it’s a bitch, He has no idea as to how long it will take to heal. Please, NO VISITORS!!!

Strangely enough, the van was equipped with a rear view, camera! I guess you’re supposed to look at it when backing up.

Helen Cole is recovering from minor surgery. Hope it is a quick recovery for both of you and Sandy. Ralph and Bert Centers went to Kentucky for their daughter’s surgery and said both were sick when they got there. Betty Lawson is still not up to par after her bout with pneumonia and needs more tests. A speedy recovery is wished for all. Remember all of our sick in your prayers.

Joe Cole reported there were 99 at Bluegrass last week.

There is a ROC meeting at 1:00 on Thursday. Plan to attend and see the changes that are coming. Good changes I heard.

Dave Zeller, our new Park Manager said if he is not in the office, call him and make an appointment at a time convenient to both. He is usually there early in the morning.

Do you know the difference between outlaws and in-laws? Outlaws are wanted.

There are photo albums stored under the drapes in the back of the clubhouse, please feel free to browse through them.

Thank you, Martha Watson, for keeping the clubhouse so nice and clean. You do a terrific job.

Check your calendars for the activities coming up. Join the games played here at Hammock Estates.

This week games and winners are:

Euchre: Virginia Krou

Pinochle: Max Faxl

Bingo Hot Ball Winner: Nancy Mellinger

Please come play Bingo we have been having at least 40-50 players.

Bunco: March 19, $1.00 to play, come and have fun. It starts at 1:00

Tuesday: Martha Watson and Doug Meyer
Friday: Mike McCarville, Doug Meyer and Chuck and Carol Danzer

Jim Munds
Saturday: It was rained out but Jerry Green went anyway and waited patiently, hoping someone would come and play.

Ladies Luncheon is April 9, at the train station in Avon Park. Cost is $15.00 prepay which includes lunch and tour of the museum.

You know change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

Til nex week,
Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)