President Bob Helmstadter opened the Monthly Meeting of the Hammock Estates Homeowners Association with 80 residents present and no visitors.

Bob read a card from Megan Gardner, granddaughter of Bill and Kathy Gardner, expressing her thanks and gratitude for all the love, prayers and support extended to her family while dealing with her mothers’ illness. She very much enjoyed her recent visit.

Bob also announced discussions are already under way to select the slate of officers for 2021. Anyone seeking a position on the Board should contact him and he hopes to present some names by next month.

Kat Hazelett gave an update on the defibrillator the park is looking into. While more research is needed they have found there to be free instructional courses available and some interest in the residents in the training.

Nancy Pratt gave an update on the park directory. Hopefully the last of the pictures will be taken this coming Sunday and it should be out sometime in March.

At the close of the Board Meeting, Bob led us directly into the Monday Morning Coffee Hour.

Lynette Pickup announced the birthday wishes this week for Donald Stidham, Brenda Hollingsworth and Jim Forrest. There are two anniversaries this week: Lowell & Pat Brevoort (9 years) and Ken & Patty Gillie (55 years).

Carol Parker shared the Sunshine Report, a card going around for Betty Emmons who is not doing well. Vickie Mc Claim in the RV section went to hospital this week but, she is back l believe same day. Judy Fahl took Max to ER Saturday he has bronchitis but, Max is back home now. Terry McGarigle also has bronchitis but he home. Pat Butts is doing better she is getting out and about. Grant is doing better.  He must go back in hospital Feb 21st to have stent removed and clean up the gallstones remaining. I asked if anyone knew how Jack and Lyla where doing. Joyce Chapman said she didn’t know how Jack was doing. But Lyla seems to be doing ok.

Joe Cole reported we had 111 attend Bluegrass last week. It is every Wednesday at 1:00 PM in the clubhouse.

Ruth Helmstadter announced a Leap-Year-Dinner will be held on February 29 (of course) at 5:00 PM. Please sign up and prepay $5 each. The menu will be a taco bar.

Reminder that there is bingo tonight and games night on Tuesdays and Fridays. Volunteers are needed to sign up for callers and runners. Sewing is at 1:00 PM today, cornhole is at 9:00 AM on Thursdays, Pinochle on Wednesdays, line dancing is also on Wednesdays, at 10:00 AM. Horseshoes are every Monday at 10:00 AM (following coffee) and Wednesdays at 9:00 AM. Bible Study is Tuesday 2:00 PM. Golf is every Monday and Friday. The new calendar for February is now out and copies are in the clubhouse.

Martha Watson gave the gaming report. The winners this past week were: Pat Moody & Barb Greely at Bingo split the $48 hot ball; Punk won pinochle; Ted Miller won euchre; Gary Bruner won corn hole; Annette Layer, Claude Belton and Carol Danzer won shuffleboard on Tuesday with Carol & Chuck Danzer winning on Friday; and, Jim Munds won horseshoes on Monday with Russ Moody winning on Wednesday.

BUNCO is Tuesday the 18th, bring your $1!

The Ladies Luncheon in March will be at the Caddy Shack.

Sylvia Flanagan thanked everyone for helping with the annual flea market and park garage sale this past Saturday. We had a great turnout!

Jim Stebleton announced he is planning another DJ session with music and dancing for February 15th at 6:30 PM. Get your dancing shoes polished up!

Mary Motzinger reminded everyone the annual Fish Fry is coming up this Saturday, February 15 at 1:00 PM. The sign-up sheet will be up till Thursday and be sure to pay Judy Fraser. Desserts are welcome!

The 50th Anniversary party will be on February 22 at 5:00 PM.

The monthly birthday party celebration for March will be Saturday the 6th at 2:00 PM.

Bert Centers announced the gospel group “Simple Faith” will be performing at the clubhouse tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM. There is no charge to attend but donations are accepted on behalf of the band.

Carol Danzer announced the Resident Appreciation Dinner will be on March 14. Please sign up! All residents are encouraged to attend at no cost. A $5 fee is charged for any adult guests.

The 50/50 winner was Pat Moody for $37. The guessing game was won by Mary Funk for $13.25.

The donuts today were provided by Bill & Kathy Gardner, Max & Judy Fahl and Lowell & Pat Brevoort.

After the morning coffee, Ron DeGraaff led a Memorial Service to pay tribute to five park residents who we lost in 2019. We were remembering Rose Acker, Boyd Butts, Rod Gillis, Gail McLennar and Jack Tomasevich. The poem titled “The Dash” was read by Linda Stebleton and songs were sung by Joe Cole, “Beyond The Rain”, Bert Centers “Where The Roses Never Fade”, and Mary Newman, “Mansion Over The Hilltop.”

Dave Acker gave a moving testimony for his wife, Rose, and residents spoke of memories and times shared. Ron shared scriptures and closed with a group song and a prayer. Beautifully done Ron & team!