President Bob Helmstadter opened the Monthly Monday Morning Meeting of the Hammock Estates Home Owners Association. The slate of officers will remain on the board for 2020 as follows: President and Director Bob Helmstadter; Vice President and Director Lon Childress; Secretary and Director Carol Danzer, and; Treasurer and Director Annette Layher. Directors at Large remain as: Registered Agent Claude Belton; Social Hostess Rachel Childress, and: Welcome Host John Pickup.

Committee Chairpersons:

  • 50th Wedding Celebration       
    • Kathy Morgan
  • Auditing                            
    • Ron Harmon & Judy Fahl
  • Address                                       
    • Linda Price & Judy Fraser
  • Billiards
    • Max Fahl
  • Bingo, Bunco & Pinochle
    • Teresa Desautels
  • Blue Grass Jam Sessions
    • Joe & Helen Cole
  • Breakfasts
    • Rick Motzinger
  • Clubhouse Janitorial Service
    • Martha Watson
  • Cornhole
    • Lee Baldwin
  • Directory
    • Nancy Pratt, Mary Newman, Lynette Pickup & Linda Price
  • Entertainment
    • Lon & Rachel Childress, Dan & Mary Newman, Pat Pierson and Joyce Chapman
  • Euchre
    • Max Fahl
  • Flea Market
    • Sylvia Flanagan
  • Gourmet
    • Monthly Volunteers
  • Guessing Game
    • Doug & Pam Myers
  • Heartland Food Bank
    • Harold & Linda Price
  • Horseshoes
    • Russ Moody and Jim Munds
  • Ladies Luncheons
    • Martha Watson
  • Librarians
    • Joan Voight, Kat Hazlett and Pam Myers
  • Line Dancing
    • Freda Munds
  • Name Tags
    • Lynette Pickup
  • Newsletter
    • Bob Mellinger
  • Piano
    • Miriam Steele, Lynne Brewer and Joyce Chapman
  • 50/50 Monday Meeting
    • John Pickup
  • Sewing
    • Mary Newman and Nancy Mellinger
  • Shuffleboard
    • Doug Myers and Mike McCarville
  • Sunshine
    • Carol Parker
  • Water Aerobics
    • Joan Voight
  • Web Site Pics and Sales
    • Linda Price
  • Monthly Birthday Party
    • Lee Baldwin and Kat Hazelett

After closing the HOA Meeting, the Monday Morning Coffee Hour began with an opener by

After closing the HOA Meeting, the Monday Morning Coffee Hour began with an opener by Harold Price. We had 118 present including returnee Betty Lawson and new resident Ted Miller on Roger Street.

Lynette Pickup gave birthday wishes this week to Diana Morgan and anniversary wishes to Dan & Mary Newman (51 Years) and Sonny & Betty Emmons.

Carol Parker gave the sunshine report: A card was mailed to Jim and Patti Forrest on Friday from the park residents. We were told he wasn’t doing well. A card is going around this morning for Terry McGarigle. He had hernia surgery on Friday and is now home taking it easy.

Pat Butts is home from hospital now. I’m sure she is happy about that.

Betty Lawson is home for a while, then going back to her daughter for more treatments.

Reminder that there is bingo tonight and games night on Tuesdays and Fridays. Volunteers are needed to sign up for callers and runners. Bluegrass is this Wednesday’s at 1:00 PM, we had 105 attend last week. Cornhole is at 9:00 AM on Thursdays. Bunko is on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM and Pinochle on Wednesdays. Horseshoes is starting back up today and will be every Monday at 10:00 AM (following coffee) and Wednesdays at 9:00 AM. Bible Study resumes this week as well on Mondays at 2:00 PM. Golf is every Monday and Friday.

Martha Watson announced the game winners for last week were: Ron Harmon won the Hot Ball at Bingo worth $35; Punk won Euchre; Carol Danzer won Cornhole; Dick Thelen won Pinochle and, Chuck Danzer won Shuffleboard on Tuesday with Mike McCarville, Don Guy & Carol Danzer winning on Friday.

The next Ladies Luncheon will be January 14, 2020 at Jaceranda in Avon Park. Be sure to sign up and pay $15 in advance. Meet at the Clubhouse by 11:00 AM. The Christmas decorations will still be up!

Linda Price announced the pictures for the new park directory are going well. About 25 residents still need to have their sitting. Anyone needing to schedule a sitting are asked to do so. There is no cost for the sitting but, if anyone would like to purchase additional prints ($30 minimum) a viewing time will be scheduled about one week after your sitting.

Annette Layher announced she is now collecting the HOA annual dues on January 1. The dues are $15/year per person.

The 50/50 winner was Pat Moody for $42. The guessing game had a carryover from last week for a total pot of $27.75 and was won by Brenda Hollingsworth. The insulated bag winner this week was Charlene Taylor.

ROC President Rick Motzinger announced the next men’s breakfast will be on January 11. $5 paid in advance and sign up sheets are available. He reminded us the property at 2014 John L Street will be open for viewing today after coffee until 2:00. Sealed bids will then be accepted until January 15 from park residents only. Bids will be opened January 16 with the winner announced at the shareholder meeting.

Sylvia Flannagan announced the annual flea market will be on February 7. Anyone wanting a table should sign up to reserve their space and all tables must be manned by 7:00 AM on the day of the sale.

Harold Price announced the Heartland Food Reservoir was very grateful for our donations from the park. Cash was raised in the amount of $330 which was used to purchase a Christmas gift for 13 children and their mother staying in the shelter. The park also donated 475# of food that was given to area families for their Christmas meal. The donations were very much appreciated and needed.

Lynette Pickup presented a traveling trophy to Bob Mellinger for “outstanding golfing performance” by having an Eagle at the Sebring Country Club on Hole #10. (You do know my wife is going to cherish having that little guy on display in our house!)

The donuts today were provided by Nikki DeHaven, Jim & Linda Stebleton and Gerald & Miriam Steele.

Bob Helmstadter provided the closer with a reminder of how great our God is and how our prayers are always answered. Keep on praying!

If you have any additional information for the weekly newsletter, please send to Bob Mellinger at mellingerr@aol.com.