Harold Price gave the opener. Count down was 33.

Birthdays were Linda Stebleton and Bob Helmstadter.

Anniversaries were Linda & Jim Stebleton, Mike & Betty McCarville, Jim & Ann Miller and Gary & Sue Lewis.

Sunshine Report: No one contacted us with anyone being sick, so hopefully everyone is doing fine.

New Residents: Bennie and Bonnie Cassidy are our new full time residents who were in attendance. They purchased Shirley Ness’s home on John L. A big welcome was given.

Dinner out this week will be on Wednesday June 5, at 4:00 PM at Cody’s.

Martha Watson has a cruise scheduled, the information is at the bottom of our news letter.

Bingo at 7:00 PM tonight, games nights Tuesday and Friday and with an activity there available when ever the mood strikes.

Johnnie Baldwin reported that the shuffle board courts are complete and ready for use. He also explained how to use the silicone spray for the pucks.

Park Manager Report: He thanked the people for helping with the shuffle board court.

Comments: Freda Munds reported that Terry and Joan made it back home safe and sound.

Questions as to when the trees would be trimmed? Dave reported in July.

Water level in the pool is low. This is due to evaporation.

We had an unwanted visitor in the park this past week. He found cars unlocked and helped himself to what ever he found, he stole Mariam Steeles bike. Please be diligent in locking up your property. Summer is here and kids roam free through our park.

The club house is to be locked Tuesday thru Sunday with exception of scheduled activities. Please remember to lock up when you leave.

This weekend is Hurricane Preparedness at Lakeshore Mall. This is a good time to get ready for Hurricane season.

July 4th will be a potluck at 4:00 PM a sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.

Thanks to Sylvia & Jerry for the wonderful egg casseroles.


Our Memorial Day BBQ was a great success. Harold Price lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Pastor Gerald Steel lead us in prayer. There were plenty of burgers and dogs, everyone brought a wonderful covered dish.

After our meal Vice President Lon Childress opened our normally held coffee hour. John Pickup had the afternoon opener. There were 39 present.

Lynette Pickup gave the one birthday for Johnnie Baldwin and no anniversaries this week.

Carol Parker (our sunshine gal) is up north so Linda Price gave the Sunshine report.

As of today no one has reported any sickness. Hopefully everyone can stay healthy this summer. Please contact Linda if you know someone that needs a card.

Lon said that the new shuffle board liners will be put down on Wednesday at 8:30am, any help will be appreciated.

Tonight is Bingo at 7:00.

Thursday night out for dinner is at Hibachi Grill at 5:00pm Only 5 or 6 people were interested at this time but always open for more.

Last Thursday a group of 16 gathered at Sizzlers Grill in Lake Wales for a great meal.

We had one guest today, Sherry, who is Janet Felts daughter.

Tuesday and Friday night is still game night, Saturday night is open now for games also. Thursday morning some are still playing Cornhole at 9:00.

Water aerobics is still on M-W-F.

Lynette Pickup lead us in song America the Beautiful.

Thank you to Sylvia Epson, Harold and Linda Price for the BBQ and all the people that helped with the clean up. It is events like this that helps to bring the people in the park together and enjoy each and every ones company.

We are in the need of a person to take notes for the news letter on Monday Morning Coffee Hour.


Coffee hour was opened today by Vice-President Lon Childress with
35 people present. Opener was given by John Pickup.
Coffee and Donuts were provided today by Max and Judy Fahl.

Birthdays this week are: Bob Sylvia, Bob Hazelett, Mike McCarville,
David Taylor, Stan Hazen (RV) and George Sherry.

Anniversaries are: Allen and Nancy Pratt and Russ and Pat Moody.


The cook-out for Memorial Day will be Monday, May 27th at 1:00
at the club house. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. Bring your covered
dish and table service.

Cards went around for Sylvia Flannigan and also for Jack Fitzgerald,
who lost his son.

This weeks Thursday eat-out night will be at the Sizzling Grill in
Lake Wales. Plan to leave the park at 4:00. Next week we will be
going to the Hibachi Grill at 5:00

Lee Baldwin wanted to know if anyone would be interested in games
on Saturday as there is nothing planned for Saturdays. Let Lee
know if you want to get something started.


Surprise! Surprise! Coffee was held as usual but with the absence of Coffee and Donuts. There was a misunderstanding among a few that there was no coffee today. The no coffee Monday is on Memorial Day when we have the BBQ at 1:00 pm.

25 people were present. Since the Vice President was absent, and everyone looked for guidance at Linda Price so she led us in an impromptu meeting. Our gal that does the birthdays and anniversaries was also missing, but we had Helen Cole there and her birthday is tomorrow.

Miriam Steele graced us with her piano skills. Also Ralph and Jenny Ousley will celebrate their anniversary this week. We are low in numbers
but we sing mighty good. If you had a birthday or anniversary this week we are we missed it.

Carol Parker sent a card around for Joyce Gillis, as Rod passed away May 8, 2019. A copy of Rod’s Obit is posted on the bulletin board. His obit can be found on Cleveland Funeral Services & Crematory.

Activities this week are as usual Monday Bingo, Tue and Friday night games, Thursday Cornhole and water aerobics MWF, all other are open to be played when ever you feel like it. It has been suggested to bring a White Elephant to bingo for prizes.

Park Manager Dave Zeller reported that the shuffle board court liners have arrived and if anyone can help put them down let him know. Also an offer has been made on the Gray House.

Ten people elected to go to the Caddy Shack this Thursday at 5:00 pm. Remember to keep your Thursday nights open for our community outings. The more the merrier. There was 10 people at Victoria’s last Thursday and it was a very enjoyable evening.

Our bean soup will be this afternoon at 1:00 pm everyone come and enjoy. Thanks to Sylvia Epson for making the bean soup, sure did smell good this morning.

Our news reporter was also absent today, she has requested that someone else be found to do the news. We want to thank Brenda for all of the wit and personal charm she has added to our news letter. Anyone interested please contact Bob Helmstadter or Lon Childress.


Linda Price opened the meeting today for Lon Childress. Ralph Centers had an opener to help start the day off with laughter. The countdown was 30. There was no Sunshine Report. Stay healthy as possible everyone.

We do have a few Birthdays and Anniversaries to celebrate.
Annette Pickup reported that they are:
Birthdays: Nancy Thompson, Martha Watson, and Pattie Gillie.
Anniversaries: Claude and Elfrieda Belton (52 years)
We wish you all the best.

There is a Bean Dinner next Monday on the 13th. Bring a Dessert or Cornbread. We need a head count, so sign up.

We will be having PotLuck on Memorial Day. Sign up sheets on bulletin board. No Coffee Hour that day. You can sleep in if you would like to. Coffee Hour will be after the dinner,

Linda Price is checking on reservations for Thursday’s Dinner Out. The choice is Caddy Shack or Victoria’s.

Again, since most games are at member’s discretion the will be no reports this summer. One that is constant is Bingo on Monday night. Play just for the fun of it and the comradery that you shall share.

Hurricane Season is will be starting next month. There will be booths at the mall with information on safety and what preparations should be made before the season starts. Check your newspaper or the manager of the mall for dates and times.

Thank you, Jim and Freda Munds for the donuts today. I ate mine on the way home.

There some activities going on this summer, so check your calendar. We tend to slow down until our population grows in the fall.

Did you know that in Alabama, they changed the drinking age to 31??? They wanted to keep alcohol out of high school…

I went to a friend’s house last week and he was washing his car with his son. I told him that a sponge would work better.

Til next week
Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)


Lon Childress opened the meeting with Ed Layher telling us two anecdotes, which had everyone laughing.  There was only 55 present.  There are quite a few members that will be leaving this week, so we may only need one or two tables next week.  Harold Price was the mic runner. Thanks to Dean Baumgardner, Lon & Rachel Childress and Terry and Joan McGarigle for the donuts.

Lynnette Pickup announced the birthdays and anniversaries for the week.  Phil Desautels, Allan Burns (RV), John Trompe and Susan Kimmel are all celebrating getting one year old and John and Judy Weber will be celebrating 60 years together.  Bert is back and as we ended each song, her “And Many More” resounded through the hall.  Most have taken up that ending when we sing, but Bert sings it loud and very well.  I think she was the one who started doing that and now we all do.

Carol Parker gave the Sunshine Report.

Signed cards will be sent to Dave Acker and family. They lost Rose on April 18, 2019.  Ralph Ousley for his surgery today on his arm.  He broke it a few weeks back and has to have a rod inserted and Kat Hazelett who had an accident on her scooter. Luckily no broken bones. Betty Lawson is up North with her daughter.  She will be taking care of her as she undergoes treatment for lung cancer. Judy Weber is not doing well, so there are many that need our prayers this week.  Hope that recovery is quick for all.

Bluegrass is done for this season. It will start again as the Park fills up this winter.

Game Winners this week are:

  • Rachel Childress won the 50/50 drawing today and Helen Cole won the guessing game.
  • Shuffle:
    • Tues: Ed Layher, Carol Danzer, Virginia Krou
    • No winners on Friday
  • Pinochle :
    • Doug Meyers
  • Euchere Punk

We had an Easter dinner at the clubhouse, Sunday at 5:00.  There were about 36-36 people, we had lots of food, good conversation, sang a few hymns.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves, I heard no complaints.  I know my recliner was calling my name as soon as I opened the door.  I had been on a diet for a few weeks, lost 10 lbs, gained half of it back in one sitting.  That was a little discouraging but it sure was good.  Thanks to Ron  and Roberta DeGraaff for putting it together.

Did you notice when you lose the remote, you lose trust in everyone?
“Are you sitting on the remote?” “No.” “Get up…!!”

Remember ROC meeting Thursday.  Check your calendar for the time.  I don’t feel like getting up to go find out. Bob Hazelett and Ed Layher both had a closure today.  Then we went home!!!

What do you call a fish with no eyes????   Fsh
Til next week
Brenda ( verenda@gmail.com)


April 15th
The meeting was short and sweet this morning. Since Bob Helmstader is gone for the summer, Lon Childress did a mighty fine job filling in for Bob. No opener today, even John Pickup didn’t have one. So disappointing. Many are leaving this week. We all wish you safe travel and hope to see you this fall.

The 50/50 was won by Karen Potter. The Bingo Hot ball was split two ways and no I didn’t win but I am going to try tonight.

Helen Cole said that were 76 at Bluegrass this week. We are shrinking…. people. I think there is one more session, so practice up while you are gone and sing for us later this year. I am going to practice all summer, well maybe not, I don’t have a guitar, wouldn’t do any good, I can’t play!!!!!!

We have some birthdays and anniversaries this week, let’s wish Patty Forest, Gary Lewis, and Kathy Gardner a great and eventful birthday and a 65th anniversary for Robert and Connie Brown. My goodness, what a milestone. You should be so proud of that feat. Thank you Lynette Pickup for keeping us informed. Now we need to calm John down. LOL

For the Sunshine Report, most of it was relayed to me by Carol Parker, then I added a few things. You are doing a great job, Carol.

A card was mailed last week to Chuck and Laura Imboden for their daughter. She is a single mom and lost everything in a house fire. The Imbodens church here in Sebring took up a collection for them.

A card was mailed to Joyce Chapman for surgery today on her foot. As everyone knows she fell here a few weeks ago. This is part of an email I received from Joyce which explains the injury and what will be done…..My foot proved to be not healing properly and the break was spreading more in the last few days, so the surgeon determined yesterday that I need to have a screw put in my foot to fix the bone. (sounds gruesome). I will have it the next Monday and it will be outpatient down at Passavant Hosp. near Pittsburgh. Not looking forward to it at all, but I have to do it or may end up with worse complications later on. I have moved over to Rick’s house across town and he is babying me like crazy. I told him he is going to be exhausted from 6 more weeks of this nonsense! I will not be allowed to touch my boot to the floor for at least 6 more weeks. Bleah!!

A card was signed for Edith Patterson. Doctors gave her new medication and it made her ill. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Ron and Roberta DeGraaff picked her up late Saturday night. She is home now. A big thank you to our good samaritans for doing this..

Ralph Ousley is having surgery next Monday for his broken arm. I remember like it was yesterday, I said to Ralph, you are going to hurt yourself trying to do cartwheels in the yard, don’t want to say I told you so. Buttttttt!!!

Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

Harold Price read a letter from the Food Bank that is helped by our donations here at the Park, it makes you smile when you hear how (very) much it has been appreciated. Let’s keep up the good work.

I usually get a list of who won our games last week, so I got lazy and didn’t write them down. So, since I need to get this copy to Linda Price, who then sends it to the web. I will do double duty next week.

Talking about Linda, if you have any pictures or pertinent information that you want in the newsletter, get it to Linda, she will see that it gets posted to our website.

My pertinent information is something that I have been mulling about in my brain. So here goes, I have been looking at Tanglewood’s website (mostly for their big garage sale). I wonder, if, when everyone returns, we might discuss having, not only pages for mobile home sales, but a classified section for items you might want to sell, and as we are all getting older we may need someone to do a load of wash, clean our home, mow our grass, be taken for appointments as some of us don’t drive anymore. There could be a small set fee for some services or someone may offer help at no charge. What do you think???? You have all summer to dwell on it or you can email me and I can see if there is any interest in doing this. Just an idea, but if help was needed, hopefully, there will be bulletin either in the newsletter or posted at the club.

I will be signing off now, Vern says he’s hungry and it is my duty to feed him….NOT…….! so I leave you with this little tidbit. Every guy thinks a girls dream is to find the perfect man. P-l-e-a-ssss-e!!!!!!! Every girls dream is to eat all they want and not get fat…..
Til next week,
Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)


April 8th
Linda Price graciously took notes today at the coffee meeting today and dropped them off to me.  I had a dentist appointment and couldn’t attend.  Thank you, Linda.

Bob Helmstadter opened the meeting today with 78 attending.  The countdown is getting to be less and less.  Ron Degraff had an opener this morning, to start off the day with a smile.  Don Madden was the mic runner.

Linda mentioned that Bill Gardner spoke about his daughter-in-law’s surgery.  She is home now and taking one day at a time.

Carol Parker reported Ralph Ousley broke his arm.  He told my husband that he had just picked up a concrete block and it broke.  I think as we get older, our bones get brittle and we need to ask for help with any heavy lifting.

Betty Lawson is in Ohio, staying with her daughter, as she will have surgery for a mass on her lung soon.  I spoke with her tonight on the phone and she is in good spirits.  She will also recuperate at her daughter’s home, as she is alone here.

Jim Morgan had a heart cath today.  I do not know the results yet.

Judy Fahl is awaiting the pathology report from her recent surgery. 

Please remember them all when you say your prayers at night.

Birthdays this week are Joe Flanagan and Dean Baumgartner.  I think they both are 29 now..give or take.

Bob and Ruth Helmstadter are celebrating 50 years of marriage.  That is quite a feat nowadays, don’t you think?

Best wishes to all. 

Bill Gardner’s grandson is here visiting our little community.  There have been quite a few visitors this year.  We also had visitors over the weekend.  Vern’s Air Force buddy and his lady friend from South Carolina and our niece and nephew from Kokomo, IN.  Seems so quiet now. LOL

Have you heard this….Jake was dying.  His wife sat by his bed.  He looked up and said weakly,  “I have something to confess.”   “There is no need.” his wife replied. “No, I want to die in peace. I slept with your sister, your best friend and her best friend and your mother.”  “I know, I know.” she replied.”Now just rest and let the poison work.

There were 66 at Blue Grass.  One more jam session this Wednesday and then closing for the summer.

Donuts was provided today by Ken and Patty Gillie, Jerry and Sylvia Epson and Phil and Carolyn Manning. 

Guessing game was won by Clyde Belton for $7.75 and the 50/50 was won by Mary Newman in the amount of $28.00.

Games winners names were provided by Martha Watson and they are:

  • Euchre: Mike Watson
  • Pinochle:  Tie/ Teresa Desautels and Martha Watson
  • Bingo:  Hot ball winner:  Virginia Krou $40.00
  • Bunco: Pat Moody and Helen Cole – Most Buncos
    • Honorable Mention: Cindy Phillips
  • Shuffle:
    • Tuesday was rained out
    • Friday: Chuck Danzer
  • Horseshoes:
    • Wednesday: Jim Munds
    • Saturday: Ron Degraaff
  • Cornhole: Ron Degraaf beat his son in a very exciting Game.

Ladies  Luncheon is April 9, at the train station in Avon Park.  Please sign up.  The cost is $15.00 prepay.

You know I never run with scissors. Those last two words are unnecessary.

Til next weekBrenda (verenda@gmail.com)


April Calendar

Oops, my mind must be really slipping, I not only showed up at the dentist a week early Monday, but the Newsletter just slipped through the cracks along with it. My apologies.

Monday was April Fool’s Day and Bob Helmstadter sure stepped up and provided us with some April Fool’s witticism.  I thought he was serious at first.  He was so funny.  Then Virginia Krou supplied another joke.  Made for a feel good day.

We had 85 members present, Dolorse Kelley won the 50/50 and Gary Brunner and Lon Childress won the Guessing Game. 

There were no anniversaries. Bob Mellenger, who is one of our new residents, had the only birthday.  So Happy Birthday Bob and welcome to our Park.

Ron Madden, as usual, was our mic runner

Judy Fraiser welcomed a visiting grandson to her home, I think she has a houseful now.  Phil Manning’s son, Randall is also here.  

The Carey’s who bought Bruce and Terrie’s home donated quite a few books to our ever growing library.  If you like to read, please check out all that is offered at the clubhouse.

Wayne Voight was taken by ambulance a few days ago but is back home and will be going for further medical treatment.  Joyce Chapman is doing ok and is using a knee walker to get around, Gerald and Miriam Steele have been under the weather and Bert Centers has the flu.  Judy Fahl is having surgery, and if you remember Jim and Iolene Mossburg, who used to live here, they lost their son to ALS recently.  Bob Helmstadter read a message from Dave Acker that said Rose is on comfort measures. Rod Kelley is home from the hospital and is on antibiotics.  Prayers for them all please.

Bluegrass is still going strong with 120 present last week.  Two more sessions and it will end for the summer.

Since so many celebrate Easter at church on the 21st, it was decided to have international dinners out every week instead.  Check your calendars for date and times. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.

I came, I saw, I forgot what I was doing, retraced my steps, got lost on the way back, now I have no idea what is going on!!!!!!   I think senility is going to be a smooth transition for me

Nancy Pratt, who is a professional photographer, will be doing the photos for our new directory.  There is no cost to you, but if you want to do a sitting for yourself, check with Nancy for her fee. 

Game winners for the week are:

  • Euchre: Punk (Gary Kochensparger)
  • Pinochle: Punk (Gary Kochensparger)
  • Bingo Hot Ball:  Claude Belton, Jim Morgan and Dianna Green who split $49.00 – Come play and join in the fun.
  • Bunco: Come play – only $1.00
  • Bingo Hotball Winner: Judy Fraiser’s granddaughter Ava Dennis, she won $51.00.Come play, you may be the next winner.
  • Honorable Mention-Penny Walters and Pat Moody
  • Shuffle Board:
    • Tues: Virginia Krou, Marie Ellison and Ralph Ousley
    • Fri: Annette Lahyer, Johnnie Ballwin
  • Horseshoes:
    • Wed: Russ Moody
    • Sat: Russ Moody
  • Cornhole: Ron DeGraaff

I will leave you this bit of FYI….I have found if you stuff one pant leg in the top of your sock, people will expect less of you.
Oh before I forget, thank you ???? for the donuts.   I warned you!!!!!!!!!!!

Til next week,

Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)                      


March Calendar

Bob Helmstadter opened the meeting today. Ron Madden was the mic runner. There were 84 members present and there were a few guests.  Judy Frasier had 2 granddaughters with her, Kathy and Jim Morgan’s grandson and Mike Watson’s son, quite a good-looking bunch.

I received an email from Sandy Oleesky and Edith Patterson thanking the association for remembering them with the Saturday dinner.  I imagine that Sandy is still recuperating from his mishap at Walmart last week.  Remember Betty Lawson, Joe Flanagan, Bill and Kathy Gardner’s daughter-in-law and Rose Acker in your prayers.  Wishing a full recovery for all.

Bluegrass is still going strong.  There was 88 present last week.  Come out and listen, or get brave and sing your favorite song.  If you play an instrument, join in.  I suspect it will be ending for the summer soon but will start up again in the fall.

We had no anniversaries for this week, but we do have 4 birthdays, Sue Drudge, Mike MacDonald, Russ Moody, and Mary Funk.  Happy Birthday to all and I think you each deserve a night out….just saying.

There were no winners in the guessing game today so that will be carried over to next week.  The 50/50 was won by Lowell Brevoort Monday.  I was close, well across the table, it could have been me lol.

Game winners for last week are:

  • Euchre:  Dick Thelen
  • Pinochle: Doug Meyer, who had a double run which rarely happens.
  • Bingo Hot Ball:  Claude Belton, Jim Morgan and Dianna Green who split $49.00 – Come play and join in the fun.
  • Bunco:  Most Buncos-Delores Kelley
  • Most Games-Cindy Phillips
  • Honorable Mention-Penny Walters and Pat Moody
  • Shuffle Board:
    • Tues  Rained Out
    • Fri  Hattie Pierce
  • Horseshoes:
    • Wed  Jim Munds
    • Sat    Jim Munds
  • Cornhole: Carol Danzer

Last night I danced like no one was watching, but someone was watching and Vern thought I was having a seizure and called an ambulance.

Til next week,

Brenda (verenda@gmail.com)